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All artists know that the creative process Involves the acquirement of Inspiration and an Idea, however critics have been criticizing where these ideas and Inspiration comes from.In the movie “40 minutes “we see how the writer Is grappling with finding the correct inspiration and Idea.The Idea Is that the exposure that various artists faced with in the past, whether It Is a writer that read a book or an artist that saw an Image, incorporates these experiences Into their own work.

This can therefore happen willingly or accidental In from the subconscious.

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There Is thus a adolescently between creators that merely copies an element of work and Incorporate their own meaning and creativity Into It with slightly changing It, and then we get creators who steal the work of others and make It their own by exactly copying every element. (as did the writer in the movie) In the film we witness the incorporation of a whole text that the writer had found and making it his own, therefore exposing the creative process at its rawest.

When Steve Jobs said that a good artist copies he meant that the artists moulds and perfects the ideas and influences of others, but the artist that steals (like his company apple was stolen from him) is a great artist for they wholly encapsulate previous work of others and make it their own. Therefore if the creative process means that you cannot but incorporate the work of others, you might as well steal everything and turn it into your own to be the greatest. We therefore build on the work of our predecessors in some degree.

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