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Crash Character Analysis

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The movie Crash is about a wide variety of people of different races in Los Angeles, California and how they all interweave with each other. In the movie Crash there are many characters that begin to change their ways throughout the movie. One person in the movie that has changed the most is the character Sandra Bullock plays her name is Jean Cabot.

The reason being why she has changed is because one night after having dinner, her and husband Rick Cabot are car jacked at gunpoint by two black men in a prestigious and wealthy environment of California. From this experience she is emotionally scarred and stereotypes every race that is not in front of her face. In one scene of the movie, the Cabot’s are getting new locks in their home after they were hijacked. The man who is changing the locks on the door is a Hipic male who is stereotyped by Jean because of his shaved head, pants around his bottom, and his tattoos. Jean insists to Rick that as soon as the locksmith leaves that he will sell the keys to his “gang banger” friends right as he leaves.

The man overheard Janet and leaves the keys in front of her. Janet felt remorse for the words she had said about the locksmith because of her false accusations. In many other scenes of the movie Janet is seen verbally abusing her Hipic maid Maria. In one scene of the movie, Maria came late to work due to driving her son to school. Janet comes downstairs into the kitchen and finds that Maria did not empty out the dishwasher of all the clean dishes from the night before. Janet lashes out on Maria every chance she gets and eventually fires her.

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During the end of the movie, Janet Cabot has a realization of her behavior and actions towards anyone who is not the same color as her. One scene of the movie Janet is seen talking on the phone with her friend of ten years about daily events and ends the conversation. After the conversation has ended, Janet falls down the stairs and can’t move. Janet called her friend of ten years to come help but she said that she was to busy getting a massage and would not be able to come. In desperation Janet called Maria who came right away to help. In an epiphany, Janet realizes that her maid that she verbally abused everyday was her best friend. She then realizes what is actually wrong and it is mot because of her car being stolen it is because she is just angry all the time.

Crash Character Analysis essay

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