Course Outline – Promotion Management

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Last Updated: 16 May 2021
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Discusses the elements of the marketing communication mix. It considers important issues that relate to the development of promotional campaigns that are created to support a firm's strategy.

The purpose of this subject is to provide students with an appreciation of marketing communications in general, and advertising in particular. Students will be introduced o marketing communications theory and concepts, and will learn how to apply these to the strategic design, execution and evaluation of marketing communications campaigns Delivery mode Formal lectures and presentation sessions will take place in Face-to-Face mode in the scheduled lecture venues.

All students are expected to attend the lectures and presentation sessions in order to achieve the learning outcomes. Class Timetable Chapters Topic Introduction and roadman discussion

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Buyer Behaviors Promotions Opportunity Analysis 5 Advertising Management Advertising Design - Theoretical Frameworks and Types of Appeals Advertising Design - Message Strategies ; Execution Frameworks Advertising Media Selection Trade Promotions MIDTERM.

2 Consumer Promotions Personal Selling, Database Marketing ; CRM Public Relations and Sponsorship Programs Internet Marketing Evaluating an Integrated Marketing Program FINAL EXAM Prescribed text Clown, K E, Aback, D E, (2007)

  • 'Integrated Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Communication',
  • 3rd Edition 2 Supplementary reading references Belch, G E et al. (2011) 'Introduction to Advertising and Promotion',
  • 7th Edition Assessment Assessment item
  • Assignment 1 (Case Study Analysis)
  • Assignment 2 (Case Presentation)

Group Presentation on Project Final Exam Case and Class Participation Welting (total to equal 5% 25% Academic Integrity Students should uphold University standards on ethical scholarship. Good scholarship involves building on the work of others and use of others work must be acknowledged with proper attribution made. Cheating, plagiarism, and falsification of data are dishonest practices which contravene academic values. Text-matching software A sample of assignments maybe submitted to text matching software to detect instances of plagiarism. Workload

The amount of time you will need to spend on study in this unit will depend on a number of factors including your prior knowledge, learning skill level and learning style. Nevertheless, in planning your time commitments you should note that for a ICP unit the total notional workload over the semester or term is assumed to be 150 hours. Special needs Students who need assistance in undertaking the unit because of disability or other circumstances should inform the faculty as soon as possible so the necessary arrangements can be made. Required IT skills You should be familiar with word processing programs, email and Powering.

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