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Corporate Social Responsibility of Maruti Suzuki

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“while working to enhance shareholder wealth , Maruti Suzuki will regularly engage with all stakeholders to assess their needs and through its products, services , conduct and management initiatives , promote their sustained growth and well being Policy Guidelines Company will follow responsible business practices in all its function and operations and will strive to implement them at its suppliers, dealers and other business partners.

Company will continue to remain ahead of law in pursuit of environment protection and energy conservation at its manufacturing facilities, and in development of products that use fewer natural resources and are environment friendly Company will deeply committed towards the welfare of its employees, their families and communities around its operations to improve quality of life as whole.

Company will develop products and services that fulfill the aspirations of customer,delight them with after sales services and availability of spares, build a strong and lasting bond with them and proactively support them during natural calamities Company will continue to provide technological and managerial support to its suppliers and dealers to further their profitable and sustainable growth.

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Corporate Social Responsibility of Maruti Suzuki

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As an expression of thanks to the local community and the people of the country, company will undertake initiatives that might not be directly linked to its business Company will partner with government, NGOs, business partners to contribute positively towards economic and human development of the society especially underprivileged people.

Company will encourage and recognize its employees for volunteering in the community in the sprit of serving and sharing their expertise and skills Company will strive to constantly build organizational capabilities, like any other competency, position suitable people and have a proper organizational structure to ensure implementation of CSR policy, guidelines and programs.

Company will engage with reputed external agencies for audit of its CSR activities for the purpose of identifying areas of improvemet , authenticity of data reporting Company will monitor the progress on various CSR programs in a structured manner, document the performance against the set targets and publish a report every year on its CSR performance and share it wits its key stake-holders.

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