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Cool Running’s – American Dream

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Englisch – Leistungskurs Do you think that “Cool Running’s” is an example of the idea of the American Dream? Give reasons for your answer! The film “Cool Running’s” can be regarded as a perfect example of the idea of the American Dream in many ways. When a group of Jamaican athletes founds a bobsled team, on an island, offering neither snow nor any sleds they could practice on, a former bobsled coach finds himself ready to train the team, in order to win the Winter Olympics.

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Regarding their commitment to obtain their goals, they struggle through everything standing in their way, such as not being supported by their own families, and even being ridiculed by the opponent teams, and the media. The first desperately looking team becomes a well-trained bobsled crew, showing off their skills and now even competing in the Winter Olympics. Their goal to win the Olympics only becomes of second importance, when their coach reveals his past referring to the scandal he is responsible for, by cheating during the past Olympics, followed by him saying: "If you're not enough without a medal, you'll never be enough with one. During the final day’s race one of the sled’s blades falls off, flipping the sled on its side, when only a few meters are separating the team from the finishing line. However, they lift the sled proudly and walk across the finishing line, while the crowd around them is applauding cheerfully. It seems like society almost forgot the meaning of the American Dream, by putting prosperity on a level with happiness. Many people forget how some can even find happiness without wealth or economic success, but in their personal fulfillment, which in this case was to take part in the Winter Olympics and represent their country.

Cool Running’s – American Dream essay

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