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Constructivist Approach

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I think when a secondry student starts learning new language for the first time in school It is very useful and important that the feeling of freedom of action they were to thought and responds.

Consructivist approach is a helpful way to get a new trainee interested in learning English as a second language. When a students begins to learn,they rest and concern whould are not just for remembering and memorizing. unfortunately, in most of our public schools, The teacher was alone as the center of attention And only he is eloquent and the rest of the learning is specific to the subject matter of the book and the examinations and questions include just book content.

Even behaviourism has not been implemented, and lack of the build-up,beginners have begun teaching of the same lesson without making innovation and research and thought of students in relation to the culture that they are learning the language and have no participation, their interest It reduces the scope of research in that branch.

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Constructivist Approach

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The teacher is written not only as a guide but as an absolute spokesman who only reads the contents of the book and students have to memorize the word of their words and questions are written without any stimulation of the initiative and the action of students from the concrete content of the curriculum.

Dont give them any experience and just impact their behaviour.In this condition reinforcement and punishment is become more important.Student just imitating teacher and learning is done through repititon.They have no volountry to control their reflex to stimulus and response.

These students continue to maintain and provide repetitive lessons without learning to take initiative and collaborate with their other classmates, even in the curriculum.The lack of psychological knowledge and no image of the culture of the target language of the teacher leads to the development of students without initiative and interaction.

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