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Computerized Teachers Evaluation System

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With the long history of Chinese civilization and education, formal teacher practice is quite new because for century’s teachers’ authority and power over their students cannot be challenged. Historically, learning was the major concern of education, but during the past decades, teaching quality has become an added concern of education. There are three reasons for evaluating teachers: to diagnose and help teacher improve teaching, to help students get better teaching quality and to provide a criteria for research on teaching itself.

Efforts have been made by government and educators to improve teaching quality in theory and practice. Verities of book have introduced foreign evaluation theories and many articles have contributed to the theoretical and practical improvement of Chinese teacher evaluation system. However, there is no systematic record of the development of teacher evaluation process. Therefore, exploration into the development of teacher evaluation, its reform and problem become necessary and significant.

In common, teachers are evaluated by students and administrators synthetically. The students’ evaluations are used as formation to help teachers improve their classroom training and activities, in–service students complete these evaluations at the end of their program, while pre-service students complete these evaluations each semester. With both single-choice and open-end questions, these evaluations are similar to all colleges.

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These evaluations by students are analyzed, and teachers are given a copy of the analysis, if several students make similar complaints about a teacher or about the way of course in taught, the teacher in question gets immediate feedback from his or her supervisor. The administrative evaluations are completed by the supervisor who is the training manager. These evaluations are done every semester.

Statement of the Problem

This study of the proposed “Computerized Teachers Evaluation System” (CTES) covers method, procedures and problems which correlate to the teacher’s evaluation. The main problem of this study is how to design, develop and implement a Computerized Teachers Evaluation System. The current system is not efficient to ensure its validity because these CTES are done manually.

Specifically this study aims to answer the following common problems encountered during and after the evaluation:

  1.  Is there a need for computerized teachers evaluation system?
  2. What are the common problems encountered during and after the evaluation?
  3. What are the users expectation regarding computerized teachers evaluation?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using computerized teachers evaluation system?

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