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Daffodil Wordsworth

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Both titles show that the poems are about daffodils. The word 'fast' and 'automatic' in Henri's title prepares the reader for more modern variation. 'The daffodils' by Wordsworth, is about daffodils. The poet is dreaming or thinking of daffodils, like for example: 'Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze' and 'I wandered as a lonely cloud'. The poet is really fascinated by the daffodils, because he is describing it so beautiful.

It is a very happy poem and also very natural, calm, appreciated and thoughtful.

The poem has an effect. The rhythm is effective, it helps people to remember the poem better. The rhyme scheme: ab ab cc makes it easy to remember.

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Stanza 4 means: The poet is lying on his back looking to the sky and thinking about the daffodils. By thinking of the daffodils, it makes him happy and he gets happy thoughts about it.

'The waves beside them dance', is a metaphor.

I would definitely chose this poem, because it is a relaxing poem, I think the poem will attract people. It tells people what he thinks of daffodils.

The poem refers to the characteristics of landscapes. It think, people form the 1900 will understand it because it is written in their language. Where the people won't be able to understand it because cars didn't exist in their time.

Adrian Henri's poem, 'The new, fast, automatic daffodils', uses words and phrases, which are the same as 'The daffodils' by Wordsworth. Like for example: 'Bliss of solitude'

'Inward eye'

'In vacant and in pensive mood'

'10 000 saw I at a glance' (only, Wordsworth uses word

for the 10 000 (ten thousand) )

Henri wanted to make an interesting poem, so he mixed the car leaflet or advertisement with Wordsworth's poem.

Wordsworth's poem is about the daffodil as a part of nature and natural beauty. Henri's 'daffodils' is more comfortable in the technical age, as a machine or car.

Both have some of the same lines which have been used in each poem, i.e. 'that floats on high o'er vales and hills'. Both use language effectively to describe their different views on the 'daffodil'. Wordsworth uses words which are not familiar to a modern reader but was in keeping for the time it was written in the 18th century, i.e. 'jocund' 'glee' 'bliss'. Henri uses advertising language such as 'generously portioned' and 'cruising speed' to appeal to a modern reader. An 18th century reader would not understand parts of the language.

Both poets use repetition to get across certain points to the reader. Wordsworth uses similes and personification in order to encourage the reader to identify and recognise his message. Henri uses figures and bold capital letters to make his work more scientific and technical. It is his use of the language of the media, which helps the reader to identify with his point of view.

Both poets are writing within the style and context of their own individual historical time. Wordsworth was born in 1770 and died in 1850. Some of his poetry - including 'Daffodil' - was inspired by his love of walking and travelling, and by observing and commenting on his natural surroundings.

Adrian Henri was born in 1932 and is still living. I the 1960's he was know as one of the 'Liverpool poets' and from 1967-1970 he led the poetry/rock group called 'Liverpool Scene'. This probably helps to account for his collage style in this poem, of mixing different types of poetry and texts in order to create something completely different.

Both poems have a positive and happy tone. Wordsworth's poem has a calm and tranquil tone, which is based on appreciation of the beauty of a natural landscape, and the calming effect that contemplation can have on the soul. Henri's poem is much more upbeat and brash. It is selling the 'daffodil' as a consumer item.

I think that I will chose 'The daffodils' by William Wordsworth because I am a person that like nature and not very interested in cars. It depend on the person's personality whether they like the poem by Wordsworth or the poem by Henri.

Both titles show that the poems are about daffodils. Wordsworth' s poem is about flowers and Henri's poem is about a Dutch car. Henri is using words and phrases he took from Wordsworth's poem. Both poems are calm and happy. Both poets use repetition to get across certain points of the reader. Well my conclusion is that the two poems are not about the same thing.

Daffodil Wordsworth essay

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