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Communication and Your Spouse

Communication and Your Spouse Interpersonal Communication 10/10/2011 Jacey Saucedo After reading “Can We Talk? Researcher Talks about the role of Communication in Marriages” I realized how much I can relate to it.I am a firm believer in communication and it being a key factor in any successful relationship.I feel as though I can relate to this article when discussing self-disclosure in relationships.

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I am a very vocal person anyway so in my relationship I am very vocal. I like to express my feelings good or bad.

I open up and discuss any and everything with him. He’ll never have to guess or question my feelings for him. Once I got comfortable with him it was very easy to talk about my childhood, what I wanted for my future and anything in between. I agree that self-disclosure is important and is directly related to satisfaction in a relationship. If the person you’re in a relationship with always compliments you or makes your feel loved there is no reason why one wouldn’t be satisfied.

If you can talk about any and everything and not just what you’re having for dinner that is clarification that this person is really into me and not just with me to pass the time. I can agree that with gender differences the communication level may change. I’ve experienced a man that was not so vocal and up until this day has yet to open up about everything with me. I found myself taking it personal thinking what is it about me that makes him not want to share these things from his childhood with me.

I have had experience with another man that was very vocal he had no problem with communicating his feelings good or bad. He talked openly and candidly about his childhood amongst other things. I believe wholeheartedly in communication in a relationship. I believe if you exhibit self-disclosure in a relationship it will last longer and you will be happier in the relationship. References Can We Talk? Researcher Talks about the Role of Communication in Marriages, NARA SCHOENBERG. Houston Chronicle. Houston, Tex. : Feb 6, 2011. p. 7

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