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Communication and Relationship

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John O. Greene and Brant Raney Burleson describe communication as a “complex behavior that draws on cognitive processes such as decision making, social perception and interpretation, and behavioral processes such as speech and nonverbal behavioral production and appropriate timing of behaviors” (p. 179). Greene and Burleson emphasized that since communication is the primary agent available for crossing the psychological expanse between two or more individuals, then “skills in this enterprise is integral to any interaction” (p. 179). Communication and relationship of individual in an organization are indicators of success of a company.

Simon Taggar and Robert Ellis explained that expectation of collaborative problem solving problem will enhance problem solving norm of the team and the team’s behavior towards work. They stated that when staff initially held low expectations were able to significantly raise the collaborative problem solving norm of the team, and vice versa (p. 105). On Group Dynamics Group dynamics is quite an old article. According to a journal article, “in the 1950s, civilian scholars of leadership turned their attention to the dynamic of group behavior” (p. 39).

During this time, group dynamic became a new frontier for leadership research. Group dynamics was adapted by the U. S. Air Force and they “embraced the group approach to leadership analysis as a theoretical improvement to the service leadership doctrine” (p. 39). The article further said that “the cultivation of individual leaders remained an important part and the approaches derived from system analysis and theory became important new tools for exploring leadership” (p. 40). On Teamwork and Team Building Arthur Pell emphasized the importance of teamwork in order to achieve “collective performance” (p.4).

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Pell reminds that in order for a team to be successful, “the team leader and team members have to rethink their jobs. Pell noted that “past methods and processes must be evaluated in light of the new structure” (Pell, p. 24). Pell further emphasized that “ideas held sacred by some, must be scrapped, and new concepts often strange and frightening must be adopted” (p. 29). Scott DeRue and Frederick Morgeson found out based on a study conducted on the effect or impact of team building that individuals’ growth satisfaction and performance were positively related to increases in person-role fit over time.

Thus, there is noted positive effect of team building on employees and staffs (p. 1242). Eric Chong added that the performance of a team is determined by the team members’ roles; the team roles characterized by creativity, coordination and cooperation are positively correlated with team performance (p. 202). As I examined various management, leadership and organizational behavioral principles and after assessing the situation at the Workout World, I would like to offer to Peter these recommendation and option as this might help improve the situation.

Peter Watson should carefully evaluate and analyze the huge bureaucracy developing at the Workout World. Using the concept of Mouzelis and other authors on organizational behavior and management crises, Peter must determine if: (a) is there any domination and how far this domination has gone; (b) is there an abuse of power. Clearly, there is already domination. It is evident in a sense that the four independent business owners are doing business in the name of Workout World without the knowledge of Peter Watson.

Also, it is quite clear that there is an abuse of power as they made their own promotional campaign that is contrary to the policy of the Workout World that concerns the whole system. By policy, the Workout World takes care of all the promotional campaigns as well as promotional materials of all the different facilities within the Workout World that the independent operators make their own promotional materials and campaigns without the knowledge of the Workout World, thus an abuse of power. Peter Watson must be able to cope up with these problems. Pfeffer offers the following positive suggestions:

Communication and Relationship essay

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