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Commemorative Speech October 27, 2008 the day the city of Philadelphia finally could breathe a sigh of relief. On this date the Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series, breaking the city’s long 25 years of heart breaks since the city’s last major sport championship. They beat the Tampa Bay Rays in 5 Games in the best of 7 series. Four days later the city’s dreams of a parade down Broad Street finally became a reality. On October 31st, 2008 instead of costumes and Halloween candy the city was painted red.

Everywhere you could see, everyone was celebrating the World Championship of our Philadelphia Phillies. The city took a day off. Whether it be from school, work, or even a day full of errands, the city shut down to be a part of this great memory. Hundreds of thousands poured into the heart of the Philadelphia. As the parade marched on down Broad Street, fans lined the street 40 to 50 rows of people deep. The sea of red shirts flooded Broad Street, but was then separated by the flatbed trucks that carried our beloved champions. The roar of the crowd chanting, “Let’s Go Phillies! echoed throughout the entire city just like the Liberty Bell used too when it rang so many years ago. The parade ended in Citizens Bank Park with a sellout crowd. As they held up the trophy the place erupted in cheers. Today there was no sadness. There was no anger. There was no pain. Nothing but smiles and happiness, for today we were number one and the whole world knew it. News channels portrayed our parade as one of the largest in history with the total attendance coming in around what some sources say just about 2 million people.

Today the city was one. Everyone, no matter who, came together to rejoice. There were no enemies today. The rich partied with the poor, the criminals with the police for today we were all friends. For once happiness rang throughout every household. When thinking back to this day I can’t help but see the symbol of unity. Unity is defined as: “The state of being united or joined as a whole; Harmony or agreement between people or groups. ” The Philadelphia Phillies united the great City Of Brotherly Love and lifted a huge cross off our backs.

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Not only did they give us a championship, but they gave us a break from our overworked lives and to enjoy a simple game. This was the city’s first major sport championship since 1983. It was a long 25 years filled with heart breaks and disappointments. Some people believed it was the “William Penn Curse” that caused this drought for championships, but whatever it was the 2008 Phillies overcame it. Fans throughout Philly are relieved to finally have a team of their own that they can call champions.

Everyone could agree on one thing, without any arguments, that on this day October 31st, 2008 we stood together in celebration for our team, our city, and ourselves and will forever hold these memories in our hearts. A quote that’s most fitting and I would like to end with is from Fred Shero, a former Philadelphia Flyers head coach who took his team to the Stanley Cup in 1974 and won it. He said as a pregame speech to the Stanley Cup Championship “Win together today and we’ll walk together forever. ” The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies changed the demeanor of the city and gives us hope for more championships to come.

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