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Cloud Computing Critical Essay

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Each group Is expected to work on a project and by the end-term, submit a hard copy of the project and also, In summary, present the findings. The project should reflect your learning's from the BIT course. Hence, the topic selection has to be such that your project should address one of the following two Study In depth any ONE area of IT Investments In an organization. The study has to highlight the business objectives addressed by the system approach to implementation analysis of success or failure of the implementation.

What you would have done differently - give alternative solutions and recommendations Finally, what Business related benefits were derived from the IT investments It will be Important to analyze in light of Management, Organization and Technology aspects of Implementation. Study of ONE technology for Its applicability, usefulness and Its Implications for organizations across an Industry. Study the business objectives for which the Information system was Implemented In different organizations.

You study should cover the following analysis: Is purpose and need for hat particular technology Information system the same across all companies studied? Were the business goals the same for the technology implementation? Did all companies face the same risks, problems and challenges in implementing the technology within the company? Did you observe any common trend or practice emerging across companies of the same industry? Finally, what Business related benefits were derived from the IT investments Suggested list of technologies and industries that can be studied: Technologies Industries.

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Cloud computing, AAAS, alas, Fertilization Retail Enterprise applications Like Banking, Financial services e-Business & e-commerce Insurance Social media Manufacturing, Automobile Data-warehouse and Bal Telecoms You can select your own technology or combination of technology and industry.

Submission of Synopsis

Each group is expected to write a synopsis ( not more than 2 pages) of the project the group intends to do. Synopsis will cover the Topic of the project Approach the group intends to follow Broad sections of the report. Division of effort - list the responsibilities allocated to each member of the group.

Project Report

Project report will be submitted in soft copy. The report should tallest be of 12 pages and not exceed more than 25-30 pages. Your report should reflect your group's analysis and effort. Any report which I find has been directly downloaded from one source and reproduced will be completely rejected and no marks will be given to that group.

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