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Case Study Critique

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Through the years the news has reported on several cases similar to the Jackson case. Each time this kind of neglect case is brought to light the public often wonders what happened. The most difficult part of this case is that the children were so malnourished they were not even growing at an average rate for children of their age. How could this have gone on for so long? With the amount of cases that social workers have it is a wonder that they catch any of these neglect cases.

The social services system is bogged down with ark that each social worker carries a heavy case load and, unfortunately, this means that things go unnoticed. I feel that it is entirely possible that the case workers were asking the right questions however; maybe the parents had all of the right answers as well. When there was no food in the refrigerator maybe they simply explained that they needed to go grocery shopping and had not had time yet. A social worker does not have enough time to figure out who is lying and who is not.

Although a social workers main concern is the welfare of the children, they also have to ensure that all of their families are seen in a timely manner. Whether we like to believe it or not our social workers may not have the time to ensure that the children in our system are being properly cared for. I do believe that the nine social services workers that spent time in the Jackson home should have been fired. These people had a duty to those children to protect them and I find it hard to believe that nine people were unaware of the circumstances in that home.

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Case Study Critique

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They are trained to see when something is amiss and they all failed those boys. Justice was served as well as it could be. Am sure the boys will have horrible memories of their time in that home and it will forever haunt them. The amount of money they received probably did not make them feel any better about it but it probably helped them build a better life elsewhere. As for the time that was served in jail by the mother, I do not feel it was long enough.

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