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Buwan ng Wika Movie

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Upon watching the film, although I have already a clear view that I will become a teacher in the future, it somehow encourage me to pursue and take this course very seriously not for my benefit but for others. It gives me an inspiration to study hard and be more knowledgeable for when the time comes; I can give a lot of knowledge to my students. For saying says that, “You ca not give what you do not have.”

If I will be a teacher; I will be a good model teacher to the students. I will listen to them in the sense of knowing who really they are. As long as they will give me a permission to talk to them with regards to their problem- I will. I will give them all the knowledge that they need to know for their future. I will be their best friend on the other hand; if they are willing they will also be my best friends.

I will not apply the rule of a teacher and students instead a teacher to a teacher and students to a students, in general I will be like them and they will be like me. I will play with them but I will stop them their bad character and alter it into a nice character. I will develop the skills and the talent of my students in any kind of field. I will make them proud of themselves. I will make a rule of respect to the classroom. May things I envisioned but first, I must envision to graduate in this profession.

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Buwan ng Wika Movie essay

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