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The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to acquire a suitable number of employees with appropriate skills, in order to meet the man power requirements of the organisation. It is in the interests of the firm to achieve this goal at a minimum cost in terms of both time and resources. Businesses use several standard documents in the recruitment process, below are some of the key documentation used by businesses during recruitment.

Authority to recruit - Once it is established that there is a need to fill a vacant post, managers need to know whether there is sufficient budget to cover the cost of the vacancy, although McDonalds are a large company they will have budgets for all their costs, this includes having a cash limits on recruiting as each employee costs 130 to train, this means authority to fill the post must be given before the recruitment process.

Job Descriptions A job description should be created for every job role. This document should set out the overall purpose of the job and the key tasks and responsibilities of the post. Structure and components of a job description Component Function Job Title This should be a short descriptive title that explains the nature of the job, such as customer service assistant or senior team leader. Purpose Usually a one sentence summary of why the role exists: for example, to provide customer service support to retail sales team. Key Tasks These should be specific activities and described clearly using action words: for example, to co-ordinate, calculate and produce sales reports.

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Scope Of The Role Gives the boundary of responsibility: that is, who the job holder is responsible to, and who they are responsible for. This section should also list any budgetary responsibilities. Special Requirements Specific requirements such as shift r flexible work patterns, travelling requirements, essential languages and professional qualifications. A person specification is not a legal requirement but will be useful when writing a job advertisement and defining the qualities you are looking for in a candidate. Include the knowledge, experience and skills you would like them to have, separating those which are essential for the job from those which are desirable. It's essential not to discriminate. A person specification describes the requirements a job holder needs to be able to perform the job satisfactorily. These are likely to include:

  • Education and qualifications
  • Training and experience
  • Personal attributes / qualities

A job description describes the job; a person specification describes the person needed to do the job. A person specification can, therefore, form the basis for the selection of the most suitable person to fill the job. All job advertisements should be consistent with the job description and the person specification, which should be prepared well in advance before any position is advertised. All advertisements should be worded to attract suitable candidates who match the essential job and person criteria, and should provide a positive public image of the business.

A business needs to make sure it attracts a sufficient number of suitably qualified applicants to apply for the job. So it needs to advertise in the right places. One of the key decisions a business like McDonalds needs to make is whether to restrict the job to internal or to invite applications from people outside the company. There are benefits in keeping recruitment in - house: it is cheaper, it can be good for staff morale, and all applicants will already be familiar with the business. However, by looking for external applicants, companies will be able to draw from a much wider pool of talent and, obviously, all businesses need fresh blood at some stage.

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