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Business Strategy of Bahulu Warisan Sdn.

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Executive Summary

Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. is a private limited company that located at Seri Iskandar. Bahulu Warisan expects to catch the interest of a regular royal customer base with our variety of bahulu. Our company produces Bahulu Cermai, Bujur and Mawar. Our company plans to build a strong market position in Perak. Our company aims to offer the product at a competitive price to meet the demand of the customer in market area residents, tourist working people, student, and individual. We have to make a loan with Bank Islam at about RM 42705 to run the business and we add our own equity contribution of each partner at about RM 5000 and above.

Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd is incorporated in Perak and managed by five directors. General Manager that is is Ikhwan Syafiq bin Zainuddin General Manager is responsible to control overall business. Administrative department is directed by Dzulhairi bin Ismail who is responsible to manage company’s organization and ensure the management flow is under control. Our company intends to hire twenty three workers to handle day to day operations. The director of operation department is Mohd Izzad Emir bin Azizi. He has responsibility to monitors all the operation in ensuring all the proposed works are run smoothly. The director of marketing department is Hazwan Azizi bin Hashim. He has to in charge all the marketing plan. The director of financial department is Ahmad Ezmin Aizat bi Md Yusof. He has to make sure the financial of this business is always stable and manage the cash flow. Read also Research Proposal sample on customer satisfaction

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Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. wants established large regular customer base and will concentrate the business and marketing on local resident, which will be the major target market. In addition, tourist, working people, students, and individual is expected to comprise on rest revenue. High visibility and competitive product is critical to capture the segment of target market. The financial source must be implemented efficiently in order to generate the project. Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. was established based on customer need on Bahulu. Besides that, we also introduce new concept, which is drive truth so that it can save a customer time in the future if our business run well. We
also displays our product not only drive truth. Base on that, Bahulu Warisan was established. In this business plan, we have completed to plan how to manage the new business venture.


In this business plan we have discuss to manufacture a product that is Bahulu. The form of this business is partnership. The business partner of this business as Ikhwan Syafiq bin Zainuddin General Manger, his secretary Amirul Arif bin Mohd Zamal Abidin. Hazwan Azizi as a Marketing Manager, Mohd Izzad Emir as an Operation Manger, is Dzulhairi bin Ismail as a Administrative Manager, and Ahmad Ezmin Aizat bin Md Yusof as a Financial Manager. We have rented a building at Seri Iskandar to run our business. The name of the company is Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd.

This business will be commenced at 31 December 2013. This date is agreed by all the partnership in this company and will officially open at that specific date. Our company aims to offer the products at a competitive price to meet demand of the customer in market area residents, tourist, working people, student, and individual. Our future prospects is the Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. will be famous in Perak and Malaysia. If this business can retrieve more income, we will export our product aboard to make it famous among the other country. Next is open our companies branch all over Malaysia. Las but not least, our company wants to produce a variety of Bahulu from to let all the citizen make it as an usual food eat. The factors in selecting the proposed business are to ensure the product will be famous among the people in Malaysia. It is also to fulfill the customers satisfaction without any complaint and it is to produce Bahulu on own brand and creativity.

Purpose for Preparing Business Plan

This business plan is prepared by Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd for the purpose of:

  • This business is prepared as to convince Islamic Bank in obtaining working capita loan from Islamic Bank for RM 42705.
  • This business plan is also prepared by our company as a guide line for managing proposed business for a day operation as to operate the business smoothly.
  • Besides that, this business plan is prepared to convince investors to cooperate with our business.
  • This business plan is prepared by the Bahulu Warisan to make sure the entrepreneur view and proposed business venture in good manner.
  • This logo represents Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. There is few meaning in this logo, which are: A symbol of our company logo symbolizes the Malay cultural traits that we wish to highlight.
  • The blue color in our logo shows the sincerity of our products to meet the requirements as well as customer satisfaction.
  • The yellow color symbolizes the creativity of our company products to attract customers. Color of yellow also gives the meaning of "energy”, which was between all energy workers in our company working in one large group for producing a good quality product.

We have put some of our company's vision to improve the quality of our business so that we will be developed further in the years to come.

Vision of our company is:

  1. Increase the number of customer.
  2. Develop a sustainable start-up business.
  3. Create a tasty and delicious food product to the customer.

Our Company Mission

We also put our company on a mission to raise the spirit to work in order to achieve the target that has been placed. This mission is very important for improving the performance of employees in carrying out a task to accomplish the mission successfully with the correct manner.

  1. Provide customer with a better quality product to fulfill their wants.
  2. Provide a booking service for the customer easy to book our bahulu more easily.
  3. Maintain and attract the regular customer with benefits that they can get.
  4. Make the new products that are better.
  5. Offer a good customer services.
  6. Give price promotion in certain times.

Company Objective

We have set our company objective before our company is starting to run the business. Our objective is to make a better quality service to the customer and make sure our company staff is provide the best and tasty bahulu for our customers need and accordance with current customers.

We set with this objective is because our objective is to make as we consider the customer is everything for our business. Although a customer, they can attract more people to become our regular customers. Maybe they will spread about the advantages our products to friends and family. This will result in our business may become more developed and recognized by the public even though we are new to this business.

For us "customer satisfaction is our pleasure too.” Without customer, we will never successful in opening this business.

Make the financial statement every end of the year for the future comparison. Responsible to prepare and control the budget of the company.

The remuneration of the employee's salary is remuneration or benefits in all forms of financial or non-financial. Received by employees as part of the contract each employee. The remuneration of this deep impact to each employee so that the employee is motivated, in order to achieve the goal of work and indirectly provide job satisfaction to every employee itself. Between remuneration given by our business to employees are:

  • Leave Of Absence

Our employees will be given leave for a day of the week. They are also given paid sick leave when as has been stated in the employee's Act 1955. Whereas on the day of the Festival and for the case of an emergency, leave will be granted at the discretion of the management. In addition, they will also get
annual leave for 8 working days if the employee not less than two years.

  • Annual Bonus

Generally the bonuses given to employees at the end of the year based on the performance and profitability of our business earn. If our business profit, then the workers would share profits with a half-month bonus, one month, or two months. Indirectly this bonus to motivate employees to work harder again to achieve the maximum profit to the business.

  • Salary Increases

Salary increases will be provided depending on experience, skills, and financial condition of the business. However, as a new business going, we are not planning salary increases in the first year.

  • Insurance And Wellness Treatments

Medical facilities are available in terms of medical costs per employee. The employer will bear all the cost of medical workers who suffer from illness or chronic pain at work. As a responsible employer, every employee must make examining health every year to ensure the quality of our products and aggregates to provide health insurance to all our employees.


The employees Provident Fund (EPF) stipulates that all workers will have to pay each month to the EPF contributions at the rate of 11% of their pay. In addition, the employer is in compliance with the provisions of the Social Security Act (SOCSO) which stipulates that all employers are required to register with SOCSO.

  • Other Facilities

Other facilities such as transportation, shelter and so on will be provided
free of charge based on the needs that arise.

Target Market

Universiti Teknologi Mara Student (UiTM Perak)

First of all, we choose hostel student will take bahulu as one of the meal that is for supper at UiTM Seri Iskandar because the student like to eat the bahulu in the hostel at the night to diversify the types of food available in the dining halls. So, the dining hall dining hall operators will buy our bahulu and sell it to the student. Furthermore, bahulu is better than others snack food that not contain not healthy ingredients instead of our bahulu that just contain good ingredients such flour and eggs which do not harm our health.

Wedding Gift (Big Bahulu)

Next, every weekend, there will be always a wedding ceremony so they will be serve our bahulu to the guest. Surely they will want to books a lot of bahulu and also can advertise our business at the bahulu’s packaging. So,
we has assume that every weekend, there will be two times people are married and they will order our bahulu for their ceremony. The guest also will be pleased because they will taste deliciously of our bahulu’s product.

Residence of Seri Iskandar

Besides that, the residence of Seri Iskandar also like to eat this traditional food. This is because of the area is not so developed and there are many villages near here. Hence, about 5% of all the residence , will come to our shop and buy our bahulu. Because of the favorite food of the people here is bahulu, so they will buy it often, for instance once time in a week. Futhermore, bahulu is famous at Seri Iskandar is because majority of the people in here are Malay, so bahulu are very pleasant and relevant with Malay people because it is a tradisional food for Malay people.

Market Size

As bahulu is a traditional malay cake that most people enjoy eating and it is most popular among kampong people, so we estimated about 15% of Sri Iskandar that eat bahulu during tea time and also they sometimes bring bahulu as a gift when visiting friends. Besides that we also supply our bahulu to the hostels as one of the meal that is for supper. Our product is also meant for special order such as wedding gift. So, our market size will be:

The population of Sri Iskandar is 49157 of residence.

Therefore we assume every household will buy at least RM5 per week. Every household consist of 5 members, the sales 49157 x RM5 x 4 = RM 196628 We assume that our market size of household purchase is 5%

5% x 196628 = RM9831.40

Hostel student
900 x RM0.35 x 4 = RM1260

Wedding gift
We assume that the wedding 2 per a week
Average order 1500 x RM1.50 x 8 = RM18000

Total Per Month
Household + Student + Wedding Gift = Total RM 29091.40

Marketing Strategies

Product Strategies (Quality Of The Product)

Quality of the product can be a major positioning tool for business. Product quality can be in term of performance quality and conformance quality. For our business, variety of shapes is our aim to attract more customers and to increase sales. Our business also are using equal amount of flour and sugar, which mean we are focusing to the health, nutritious and halal food product. We are focusing on the quality of our product because of consumer nowadays are more awareness are looking for high quality and reasonable price.

Pricing Strategy (Competitors – Based Pricing)

Bahulu is a common food in Perak, so we decided to use competitor based pricing as there are many competitor as well as most of the resident in our area know how to make and sell bahulu. Assumption for consumers judge a product’s value on the prices competitors change for their products. Our bahulu, we has estimated the price which is reasonable and profitable to company and consumer. There are many factors affecting pricing of goods. These factor include economic conditions, government regulations, social concern and consumer greeting.

Promotion (Advertising)

We are using the promotion technique by using the technology that is a rapidly growing. Through this method, we will use the concept of the customer – friendly, we use Facebook to make the promotion. Our customers will be able to make an order directly in Facebook and our secretary will always update our recent activity and also keep sharing to facebook users about our products. It will give us savings in advertising costs because on Facebook all for free but the result is very unexpected.

Distribution Strategy (Manufacturer To Consumer)

Distribution strategy aimed at establishing a structured and controllable distribution system to ensure the product offer reaches the target customer. A distribution channel moves good from producers to consumers. Channel two has one intermediary level, which is the retailer. Perishable product utilizes this form of distribution channel. For Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd., we will distribute to retailer using transportation.


For the conclusion, we hope that our business will be acceptable because we have a lot of special that another bahulu’s business have. We sell the Bahulu Cermai, Bahulu Bujur, and Bahulu Mawar. We also will decorate and run our shop like the fast food services.

We want to sell our bahulu at the three difference places in Seri Iskandar. First and the foremost the most target market is Wedding Gift (Big Bahulu). Second, Universiti Teknologi Mara Student. In addition, bahulu is the most
famous tradisional food in Malaysia include in Perak. Almost all people in Malaysia know bahulu and they like to eat it at the appropriate times.

In this business plan, we are already states everything that is needed for as reference of our marketing plan, market size, who are our competitors and who is our target market, the operation plan, process of the flow chat, list of raw material, administration plan, and the most important thing is financial plan. We also has include our location map to give the direction where is Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. is will located.

Refer to our financial plan, when we start our business, our sales take just about 5% in the market price to complete with others bahulu’s seller. It just reaches RM29 000 to cover up the entire capital and starting the budget.

Lastly, we very hope that our business will be success. Our future target is actually to make Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. will be the famous and unique bahulu around the Malaysia. If we are become more successful, we will open our new branch at another place in Perak.

Business Strategy of Bahulu Warisan Sdn. essay

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