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Business Policy of Kansai Nerolac Paints

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In India, the company has presence In Assam, Ago, Gujarat, Harlan, Himalaya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Arioso, West Bengal, Restaurants, Maharajah's, Punjab, Utterance, Briar, New Delhi, Tamil Undue, Attar Pradesh and many more. Vision Mission and objectives of the Company: The company's vision is to maintain leadership in automotive segment and improve share in non-auto and decorative segments. In today's dynamic business environment, no organization can afford to survive without a well-articulated and carefully thought vision stating the overall strategic direction and long-term future of its business.

Kansas Neuronal Paints has been at the forefront of paint manufacturing ever eight decades pioneering a wide spectrum of quality products that change the face of economy and lifestyles of people at large. It Is objective of the company to leverage global technology, for serving our customers with superior coating systems built on innovative and superior products and world class solutions, to strengthen company's leadership In Industrial coatings and propel for leadership In Architectural coatings, all to the delight of Its stakeholders.

The company has consciously internalized and been practicing these values in all their business transactions though human beings:

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  • Innovation Entrepreneurial
  • Responsive
  • Simplicity
  • Team Orientation

Lines of business Kansas Neuronal Paints is into three lines of business:

  • Decorative Paints: Interior wall paints, Exterior wall paints, Wood surface paints and Metals surface paints
  • Automotive Coatings: Pre-Treatment Chemicals, Electro deposition, Intermediate Coats/Primer Surfaces, Topcoats, Clear Coats, Touch Up Paints, Auto Refinishing Products, Heat Resistant Paints, underbred Paints & PVC Sealants & Raped Transit Protection Films.
  • Performance Coatings: Performance Coating are available for wide range of products.

For household appliances and metal fittings in factories, there is a comprehensive range of general industrial coating systems like P. T. Heimlich, Primers and lacquers, Coil Coat, Heat Resistant Paints & Metal Decoration Coatings. Powder Coating Is now increasing In popularity because of Its high quality, resistance to corrosion, the apparent ease of Horizontal Scope Horizontal Scope refers to in which industries the company should compete. As of now, the company is into the manufacturing of Decorative Paints, Automotive Coatings and Performance Coatings. The company can buy stakes in modular kitchen providers. Although modular kitchen does not have much synergy with the paints business, every consumer who paints his house can be a potential buyer of modular kitchen as well.

Also, the acquisition will help reduce the cyclical risk of the business since paint volume growth is dependent on GAP growth. Entry into a fast growing space will aid the overall growth of the company. The company can choose to enter the kitchen arena since it felt that the modern kitchen space is currently undergoing "an inflection has very few organized pan-India players and is growing rapidly'. The company can also enter into Vinyl Pyridine Latex manufacturing for Rubber Tires. Vertical Scope Vertical Scope refers to should a company make its own inputs. Kansas Neuronal Paints diversify into products such as Ophthalmic Anhydride and Phenolphthalein, which are used in the paint manufacturing process.

These inputs are expensive when outsourced from outside and faces delays in the supply chain.  Geographic Scope refers to where a company should compete. The company can enter South Asian countries such as Sardinia, Nepal and Bangladesh, South East country such as Singapore, South Pacific countries such as Tong, Fiji, Samoa Islands, Middle East Countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Dubbed, Egypt and some Caribbean nations such as Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad ; Tobago. In these regions, Enrollees competitors such as Asian Paints and Berger International already exist. Thus, Kansas Neuronal Paints can enter these countries and position its products better than the competitors.

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