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Im going to give you my take on the book 46 pages by Scott Liell. This book was first copyrighted in 2003. This book is general consensuses of how Scoot Liell viewed Thomas Paine’s writing of Common Sense and the Turning point to Independence and how they effected the colony’s. He shows us the true meaning of Thomas Paines writings and how valuable they were even after nearly two and a half century’s. This novel is written in a third person person point of view we get a first row seat in the viewing of how Thomas Paines writing of the Common Sense. Liell goes into great detail to show us how substantial Common Sense really was, and how it shaped life into what it is today. Was it even an important aspect of life?

Unlike most historical commentary, this book does an outstanding job setting the stage. You get a real sense of what life was like then for the colonists. Lille sets the stage perfectly for us he puts us in the center if the action. We see the colonists as weak and poor individuals that are only acting in a natural fashion looking to their king for help. He did little for the colonists and expected much from them. They were living a life in his shadow helpless and grieving. They appealed to the king for some help and in return they would stop their rebellion and convert back to British ways. They wanted more liberty within the British system.

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense in some of 1775 and some of 1776. He had only just moved to America been in the colonies for a few months before he produced most likely his best piece ever. I believe that Lille saw the writings as brief and to the point, somewhat blunt. In modern day most readers would more than likely shy away from the book because of the fashion it is written in. It is striking its words invigorating it empowered the colonists by giving them a voice. It was the kick start to the American

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Some of the colonists were reluctant to break away from the rule of king Geroge III. They saw parliament as a bunch of oppressors and all they sought out to do was make life harder for the colonists. They believed that the king would come to their aid but this was far from the truth as Thomas Pane proves. Lille efficiently establishes that the idea of independence spread almost overnight, it did not come easily. He take us back and reveals things that we may not have previously known, he shows us his true colors in valuing Common Sense and its importance. Pane attacked the king saying that he was just as responsible as parliament for the state of the colonies.

After Thomas Paine was condemned by the British after the revolution, he became the sole reason for the American Revolution and their thirst for independence. Liell did an outstanding job in reporting most of Paine’s life before and after his fame in America. Never before has as single document had such an impact on people that they took action for something they believed in. Common Sense was and will forever be one of the most valuable writing in all of our history I feel it can easily without hesitation be compared to the Declaration of independence. They are both based on the same subject matter for one goal for the colonies to breach the oppression of the King.

Lille says “O! ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose not only the tyranny but the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the world is overrun with oppression. Freedom hasth been hunted round the globe”(pg 81). He writes of how he is calling for people to step forth that believe in what they are saying. I think he accurately depicts the events that happened during this time. You get a true sense of the struggle and the effort put forth by Thomas Pane. Lille evokes his true feelings that Common Sense embodies what life is today. In merely one year Thomas pains writing spread throughout the colonies and sold over 500,000 copies.

The power of his book was not only the substantial amount of people that were reading it. It was in fact the single more powerful people that were
reading it such as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Both men who contributed in writing the declaration of independence in 1776. Both men were moved by the book so much as to take it upon themselves to integrate and base the declaration upon this writing. Lille shows us that this one man that is passionate about life and puts his heart and soul into something he believes can make a world of difference.

In conclusion 46 Pages was not like any other history book I have ever read it took a little while to get into but it doesn’t read like a history book more like a story. Lille directs his work at the general history reading individuals, in doing so creates a novel just for them. His work is short and to the point he doesn’t use big words that will confuse you he just makes the story flow. Overall this was a good read a well written book that teaches you about Common Sense a ground breaking book that altered history indefinitely. I grew up in the United States, I have always been taught that the American Revolution was the throwing off the King’s Oppression, in ordered to be ruled by the people for the people. This was easy for me to grasp at even a young age and I believe that most if not all Americans would agree with me. This is because they have “Common Sense” they have the information and know how crucial these writings were in founding our great nation. Lille should be commended in his successful effort in clarifying what Thomas Pane’s work was and the importance of it. 46 Pages was a great read and I can honestly say that I would recommend it to my friends and family, it was an eye opening book that took you deep into an even that altered history forever.

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