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BIG Unsolved Mystery

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He swiftly nodded his head as he began to sis his nearly 67 frame off the chair and started towards the bar. Tonight is the Vibe Magazine party also hosted by Quest Records and Tannery gin for the celebration of Friday nights 1 lath annual Soul Train Music Awards. The star studded party consists of celebrities such as Dad Brat, Heavy D, Busts Rhymes, Biggie Smalls of course, and others. We decided we want to have a good time and forget about the east coast west coast drama.

I was up for it and excited because I always liked to dance, ever since I got my start as a back up dancer In USIA videos, that's why when I'm In the club I can't stop to party.  At a glance I see Eugene walking towards me, looking polished dressed in black crisp slacks with a white button up shirt and black dress shoes, with a couple of bottles in his hand and the waiter staff in tow. The waiter looked of Mexican descent as he looked at me and rested the bottles down on the table. He began to ask if we needed anything else but I cut him off by shaking my head and he immediately walked away.  "Man Puff you really crazy son! You ternary have me out of it tonight! Biggie yelled to me across the table as the bottles began to flow in. The "Puff' he is referring to is l, also known as Sean "Puffy' Combs, best friend of Biggie as well as head of his label, Bad Boy Entertainment. Although It may look like It, everything wasn't lavish from the start we worked hard for this. I was born in Harlem, New York November 4, 1969. My mother raised me as my father was murdered In 1974. I attended Harvard university majoring in business administration.

I ran an airport shuttle service and produced weekly dance parties while in school. (phonographic) After doing back up dance I Egan to intern at Uptown Records with the recommendation from Heavy D, and gradually became a talent director rising to the level of vice president successful in producing several key artists for Uptown but left in the early sass's. In 1993 1 decided to start my own production company, Bad Boy Entertainment, where I worked with many artists in the industry among big names and unknown names. The Notorious B. I. G was my greatest success in the business.

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From the start I knew Bad Boy was going to be a great success and it was. Within the first four years of starting It up, the sales ranged from $100 million to $200 million. Answers. Com) "Well we out here might as well celebrate! " I yelled back as I glanced at my wrist rocking my gold, diamond encrusted Role I had on that night thinking back to all the everyone surrounding me. Looking around the museum from our table on the dance floor, the place looked like a zoo as if a flock of people Just ran in and started to party as it filled up rather quickly.

The star-studded event brought many well-known people from the industry along with women known as "groupies" trying to have a good time. Men were dressed accordingly to the event, some trying to play it down in just slacks and a button down top while others went all out dressed in designer suits. Some came Just to state a fashion statement as others Just came to have a good time. Now the women in attendance at the party were looking gorgeous and also stunning. It was a bit of a surprise to have Biggie and I with the crew out here due to the east coast and west coast drama going on. It's mainly begun from a misunderstanding between Biggie Outpace, as well as with myself and Sage Knight. Outpace, also a famous recording artist, was on his way to meet up with Biggie nee night at a studio located in New York City but was attacked and shot several times in the lobby upon meeting up with him. Outpace thought the worst and concluded on nothing other than blaming Biggie for "setting him up" and decided to let his thoughts be expressed through his music and allegedly claiming to have sexual relations with his wife.

This occurred about two years before Tuba's murder in Lass Vegas. It's a little bit of a blur of why Sage Knight started drama but his nephew, cousin or friend was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and he blamed e for the situation which really started the west coast and east coast drama. Accepting an award at The Source Awards, which Bad Boy was also in attendance, Sage insulted me in his speech saying: "Any artist out there want to be a artist and want stay a star, wont have to worry about the Executive Producer trying to be all in the videos all on the record, dancing, come to Death Row. These two incidents brought many rivalries and brought upon the two biggest tragic nights in Hip Hop history. The party began to get overcrowded as it was still bumping; the fire marshals were soon being called. Everyone's sweaty bodies dancing with the museum full of smoke, by around 12:35 the fire marshals came and shut the party down. The crowd began to pour out of the party as cars were being brought through the garage. We made our way out to the garage not too long after to wait for our drivers to bring our vans to us.

I entered the car in the front with Eugene as Biggie, Ill' Cease from Junior Mafia, and Baggie's bodyguard Damn entered the GEM suburban behind. In Biggies suburban Ill' Cease let down the window and stuck his head out as the women walking down Wilshire Boulevard half naked in skimpy dresses and high heels. As we approached the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax the light began to change as my car made the left turn, the light stopped Biggies. I began to hear gunshots and with human reaction everyone in my car ducked down quickly.

Then someone screams, "They shot at Biggies car! " Immediately I Jumped out of the vehicle and ran to Biggies car to see that the shooter shot at the passenger door where he was seated. (Youth: Diodes first interview after Baggie's Death) It all happened so fast no one had a chance to do anything or get a real good look at whom the shooter was and only that it was a black impala. I noticed about 6 gun shots were pierced through the other in the drivers seat. All four car doors were open as everyone scattered to see the condition Biggie was in.

His breathing was faint as he was slouched over, but I still tried to get something out of him as we rushed to the closest hospital, Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, which was about a five-minute drive.  The Notorious B. I. G, former stage name Biggie Smalls, full name Christopher Wallace grew up in Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood and was born on May 21, 1972. At a young age Biggie showed he was interested in music by reforming with local groups like the Old Gold Brothers and the Techniques.

Biggie was a good student but was influenced by the streets and decided to drop out of high school at the age of 17. He became attracted to the money and flashy lifestyle of the local drug dealers and decided to sell crack for a living. His first time ending up in jail was during a trip to North Carolina, where he spent nine months in Jail then made a couple of demo records on his friend's four-track. Mister Ace, a DC working with Big Daddy Kane got a hold of the mixture and gave it to The Source magazine which got Biggie featured on their popular feature, unsigned artists.

With his feature in The Source I became aware of him and his talent and decided to sign him immediately. Biggie Just had a daughter so he became skeptical about stopping his hustle with drugs, as he wasn't making money any other way. When I found out he was still selling drugs I gave him an ultimatum, he either chooses to keep selling them or he puts one hundred percent into his music and trust that the money will come with hard work, luckily he was smart and chose the music. Not too long after Uptown Records dropped me, which made me think and come to the start of Bad Boy, with Biggie right behind as well as artist Craig Mack.

Biggie Smalls decided to change his stage name to the Notorious B. I. G. Right before recording a remix in 1993 of Mary J. Bilge's single "Real Love". On the sound track to the film, Who's The Man? , Biggie did his first solo record "Party and Bullwhip" after doing several guest appearances. After getting his name out Biggie released his debut album, Ready to Die, in September 1994. The top singles on the album "Juicy' went gold as the next single "Big Poppa", achieved platinum sales and got top ten on the pop and R&B charts. (Billboard. Mom) In the midst of all of these accomplishments, Biggie found love in label mate Faith Evans at a photo shoot and within two weeks they got married in Rockland County, NY. Although he was "happily married" Biggie wasn't ready for marriage as he had affairs with other woman and one a little more public with rapper Ill' Kim. With the drama between Outpace and Biggie, rumors began to spread that Outpace may be the father of their unborn child although Faith denies any relations with him. Due to all he infidelities Faith and Biggie decided to separate in 1996 and remain friends. After getting married Biggie helped the careers of Junior M. A. F. I. A , with childhood friends and ended in 1995 as the biggest solo male act on both the pop and R&B charts as well as the top selling rap artist. Also he's gotten in trouble with the law, him and his entourage was accused by a concert promoter of assaulting him after fees weren't paid for a concert cancellation. Then at a later time Biggie attacked two people harassing him for an autograph with a baseball bat and pled lilts.

During the recordings of his second album in 1996 he became injured during rushed to the hospital we ran red light after red light going 80 miles trying to save him. As I was continuing to try and talk to him I wasn't getting any feedback and began to panic. We approached the hospital in a hurry. Jumping out of the suburban we rushed to get him out as the emergency doors to the hospital busted open with two men carrying the stretcher. It took about 6 or 7 people to lift Biggie out of the car; we looked and noticed that although several bullets hit him he wasn't bleeding.

The actors immediately rushed him into surgery to try and remove the bullets. The waiting room was filled with complete silence and tension as we waited for the results. The white walls of the waiting room seemed as if they were caving in when the doctor walked out and announced they tried their best to save him at 1 Sam. With the unbelievable news everyone in the room looked as if they saw a ghost as they realized someone would have to tell Biggies mother that he passed. The small cellophane was being passed around the room, as we all couldn't bear to call Ms. Wallace with this horrifying news.

D-Rock found it in him to call Ms. Wallace with the news. As he got on the phone tears began to from his eyes having her wonder why he would be on the phone crying to her. He began to tell her the news that Biggie passed and she immediately dropped the phone hysterically crying.  Three weeks after Biggies murder the scheduled release of his second album, titled Life After Death, went number one on the charts and sold nearly 700,000 copies within the first week of release. He was the first artist to gain two posthumous number one hits.

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