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Benefits of Sports

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Should students be involved in sports during their busy academic life? I believe so, there are three major benefits that i believe are the most important reason to start a sport: They are  Health, helps build good values, and are just all in all fun. I encourage students to take up sports. Even though I’m a student myself and i know how busy we get from homework and test, but sports can help relieve stress and make school more fun.

A report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task force on sports for Development and Peace stated that young people can benefit from physical activity as it contributes to developing healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive function. Physical activity can help to prevent hip fractures among women and reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Remaining physically active can enhance functional capacity among older people, and can help to maintain quality of life and Independence. Sport teaches many good values that one can use in sports and their daily life.

Honesty, disciplined respect, and many others are just some of the values that sports teach us. A student can use these values in their daily routine. Sports can help a student learn about arriving on time, setting priorities, and to encourage team work. The key to creating and sustaining values based on sporting is Living Values: living values in everything you do, every time, every day. Sports can be really fun and exciting. I practice Taekwondo and its exiting being put up against a bigger, faster, and stronger opponent. It’s a very rewarding experience to see how much hard work pays of in combat and it can be applied in school.

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You may not see the results running and practicing everyday but once you get in to battle it shows, and it’s the same for school you may not see the results of content studying until you take an exam. It’s very exciting and I recommend all students to try sports it is very fun. In conclusion I believe students should start a sport since it offers many benefits Like: health benefits, good values, and it’s fun. I encourage my fellow students to join a sport It really makes the learning experience more enjoyable, and I believe it prepares us for success.

Benefits of Sports essay

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