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Beloved Interpretation

Essay Topic:

Music, rhyme and rhythm combine together as a means to fortify the impact of words and poetry.In Beloved the poet is able to genuinely express their longing for a lover through the passing of time, and specifically that of seasons.

He uses grey, white and dull imagery to portray the lack-lustre of his life in winter due to the deficiency of figurative color as a result of missing his “Beloved.” It almost seems as if the speaker’s every moment is spent waiting and hoping.

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Evidently, the love is reciprocated and is extremely deep.

The speaker’s use of seasons is a metaphor for time spent with his lover and away from his lover. Everyday life seems monotonous and dull like winter. He has become numb, lost all physical and emotional sensation. On the other hand, being together with his lover is a “warm wind” and “no heights could keep [them] from their reach. ” The poet’s image of wings, clouds and the sky is another metaphor for endless possibilities, uncertainties and the hope to achieve unfulfilled aspirations and dreams.

Being together allows both of the lovers to live up to their full potential, inspire each other as well as connect on a strong emotional and spiritual level. Time is a recurring and significant element throughout the poem. Time appears to have slowed down significantly because every second, every minute is spent in longing.

The fact that “eternity awaits” indicates that even though being together and in love may be extremely difficult, it is well worth the wait. I chose this poem because it is packed with raw emotion and talks about powerful love that is able to overcome difficult boundaries and circumstances.

These lyrics are relatable and invoke a sense of hope within the reader. People tend to look towards books, words, songs and even movies for emotional strength and encouragement.

The speaker tells a very personal story and reaches out to not only his lover but also to the readers and listeners. The elusive component of time is alluring and appealing; it manages to draw you in. In a way you hope the lovers and reunited. Overall, the poem is whimsical and sincere, making it unique and pleasant to read, and probably even better when set to a tune.

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