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Being laid off

What do you think about the effects, both mental and physical, of being laid off even though you have “done everything right”? Being laid off from the job has strong effects, both physical and mental, on a person’s condition.Even if it is unsolicited dismissal, it does not always pass without a hitch.Breach of an employment contract is a stress for both sides.

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When a person is being laid off during the period of probation, the stress, affecting on a person, is less.

A person gets a motivation to work harder at another job, to understand properly what he is lacking as a specialist in this particular field, to take criticism adequately. Being laid off after a long-term working is usually considered as the stamp of infamy. Affections of being laid of, uncertainty of financial field, feelings of needlessness and absence of demand can bring a person to understating of self-esteem, stress, and even depression.

The worst after-effects of being laid off are: remorse, rage, indignation, apprehensiveness, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, physical complaints, and even thoughts of suicide. After being laid off, a person affects nothingness and shock. This condition is especially dangerous if the dismissal takes place eventually. It can bring in a risk of illness and accidents. A person being laid off changes all his life style, expectations, ambitions, values, relations. When a person is laid off, he usually does not want to see his former colleagues, even if they have been friends.

He does not want to see people who are luckier than he and has not been dismissed, to share the experience with them. Hence, a person can lose not only a job, but friends either. Next point here is a family. If a person “brings bacon”, dismissal affects not only a person, but all his relatives. Material side of the problem is very important in general, but in such cases a person should find a new job quickly and it brings in another stress. It leads to a violent behavior with children and mates; and finally to a divorce.

Some persons begin to find a causer of their disasters, to accuse their bosses who haven’t sized the possibilities. It begins to seem that the world is unjust and it has turned his back on a person. Other persons consider self-guiltiness, suppose that they have shown themselves not initiative, that they have not been worth of such job. If the person can’t find a new job, he becomes more pessimistic, begins to lose hope, stops being interested in new vacancies, and finally loses heart. Some people affect a great depression and even stop leaving their homes.

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