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Bankruptcy and Debts

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Bankruptcy and Debts

            Indeed, the Bible does not forbid filing bankruptcy, and not encourage either, but with certain limitations. A Christian ought to pay for what he or she borrowed. It is the nature of the wicked not to pay but not of the righteous, of believers. Thus, a Christian must not abandon his or her financial obligation to someone who lent him or her.

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Bankruptcy and Debts

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            In Carl’s case, it is really not too late for him to change his life, his way of living and showing the attitudes and actions of a true believer. It is really never too late for someone to change his or her attitude for the better especially if he or she is a believer for Christ would always be with him or her as He promised. Changes are always part of the Christian world for God continually transforms people for the better. Also, by walking in the path of righteousness, Carl will surely be able to pay for his debts in due time for God promised blessing to the righteous, not only material blessing but eternal blessings as well.

            The Bible does not also forbid borrowing money but does not encourage it. God intends His people to live in prosperity and richness. However, as mentioned in by my classmate, God knows that His people would need to borrow money from each other. Thus, God doe snot forbid borrowing but imposes a strict restriction. Since the borrower is a slave of the lender, one should pay his or her debt in order to be free from slaver and as a fulfilment of his or promise to the lender. God does not desire His people to be slave and He also hates unfulfilled promises. Thus, He wants our yes to be simply yes and our no to be simply no.

            The Bible indeed does not forbid borrowing as well as filing bankruptcy but with certain limitations. Filing bankruptcy is only forbidden if the borrower does not intend to pay for his or her debts and the same thing goes for borrowing. God wants His people to be responsible and righteous in every way.


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