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Banking Cord Blood

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Cord blood is the stem cell-rich blood in the umbilical cord after it has been immediately removed from the baby(What is Cord…). Cord bloods are usually stored through Cord Blood Banks and it is collected and processed through different techniques like through AXP, Hep, and Sepac processing systems. After vaginal or cesarean births, cord blood will be collected in a safe, painless and simple procedure for about five minutes using a syringe or gravity bag and will be drawn analogous to drawing a blood for a blood test (CBR’s superior…).

After the cord blood has been collected, it will then be moved by a private medical person to a processing facility for storage (What is Cord…). There are a lot of reasons why some preserve their babies’ cord blood, first, it may save the baby or family member’s life in the future, second, cord blood can only be obtained immediately after birth, third, thirty to seventy percent of people needing bone marrow transplant can’t find a match and through cord blood banking proper match for the baby or other family member will improve, fourth, it is advantageous for family members who can be cured with a stem cell transplant like in thalassemia, leukemia, sickle-cell and aplastic anemia and other genetic and metabolic disorders, and lastly, future medical technology might permit stem cells in treating even more disorders and diseases (Good Reasons).

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If I were to have a baby I would also bank my baby’s cord blood because it can really help my son or daughter in the future, much especially on emergency cases in which stem cells are needed in saving my son’s or daughter’s life.

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