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Assignment SWOT Analysis due Sun

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I selected PC Repair  sample business plan. PC Repair is a S Corporation type of business that will be available to local small businesses and home computer users with computer related issues. PC Repairs offers computer and technical consulting such as repairs, training, networking, and upgrades. PC Repair’s has many strengths that will benefit local businesses and home pc users with all the computer consulting and services it offers. This computer consulting business offers excellent quality services to their clients.

They have on-site repair, which is better for the client to eliminate transport of the computer to PC Repair’s office. They offer extended maintenance contracts for clients to work with a single item expense. Their main focus in on small businesses, who don’t have a full-time IT person, but have full-time IT needs. They offer affordable on-demand services to these businesses. They can offer maintenance agreements for small businesses for additional monthly income. They offer flexible, affordable, helpful services for the residential clients.

The computing industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12% (Business Week). The expansion of processor speeds through the years will provide a rich resource for sales. PC Repair will use an aggressive advertising plan to exploit its competitor’s weaknesses and to make the name common to the community. They have established relationships with local distributors that will provide them with rapid services, but will be more expensive. They have reasonable prices for the high quality service they offer. They offer pick-up and drop-off service.

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PC Repair is not only interested in selling new components, but maintaining existing computers and finding client solutions. I can name a few weaknesses I came across first, PC Repair is a new player to the computer consulting business, which may affect initial sales. PC Repair lacks credibility it needs to be more involved in the industry to enhance it. The owner of PC Repair’s home equity is collateral for its short-term loan is a threat if it has no steady monthly income. Offering limited software support is weakness, which I think unlimited would be best.

Another weakness is that PC Repair doesn’t have enough computer technicians because if computer services/troubleshooting are in demand and if there are not enough employees, then there might be a overload of clients you need assistant immediately. First year, a one-man home-office to possibly a 3-person business at a leased location I believe is a major weakness because a 1-3 person computer consulting business needs maybe at least 5-8 persons to operate. I also find that PC Repair’s start-up funding requirements to be too high for one-man operation.

Their business only works in a 15 mile radius/local area for both business and residential clients. PC Repair’s market segmentation states client’s age range who they will provide services. They only provide services to small businesses or home users. This business plan has determined that small business’ pc needs are more urgent than residential users. The opportunities of PC Repair are that there are potentially huge markets to begin. With the consideration of the many marketing options it will help with the growth of PC Repair. An important characteristic for PC Repair in its marketing plan is the diversity.

PC Repair each quarter needs to evaluate their results. Implementing frugal operating procedures and practices will help outgrow their competition and be in a better position in the market. The ability to understand the expectations of clients, having clearly definite responsibilities for their clients, knowing the best person to decide is the client and to know that PC Repair’s solutions address their client’s needs. The rapid rate of technological development creates constant need for PC Repair’s services. Clients tend to be loyal if they provide excellent services and satisfy client’s needs.

In the Service Business Analysis it explains how their local competitors have serious weaknesses so there will be no significant barriers entering the market. There are many threats for any type of business, especially computer consulting services like PC Repair. The lack of new computer information may hurt PC Repair. Increasing prices may result in reduced profitability. Downsizing and poor client spending in all markets are results of economic recessions. They have only two main competitors for this type of business in the local area. Competitor A is well known and is efficient.

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