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Army Physical Fitness Training Standards

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Marc Smurr English 101 January 28, 2011 Responding to Another’s Voice New Army Physical Fitness Training Standards The United States Army Physical Fitness test, or Pt test consist of a two mile run, push ups and sit ups, each event is graded based on age, and sex. There is a simple pass or fail in each category and this is based on how many repetitions, whether it being sit-ups or pushed up, the person can complete in a two minute time period.

The two mile run is based on age, sex, and time, how long it takes the person to run the two mile long distance. Many soldiers are faced with the grueling problem of not passing this test based on their previous injuries from being deployed, or that they can not meet the fitness demands of the physical test. I myself have struggled with the physical training test over the last year and I have watched many of my battle buddies struggle as well. It is a kind of stigma that makes the soldier feel worthless.

The Army’s consequence for failure of the PT test could be loss of rank and pay, a kind of military probation, where the soldier can not advance or be promoted to the next rank, the solider may be made to do extra physical training. If the soldier continues to fail the PT test, they can be dishonorably discharged from the Army, or can be barred from re-enlistments. In 2003 the Army began launching a brand new physical fitness program for basic-training units at Fort Bliss, Texas; the program has now started rolling out across the Army worldwide.

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The program is design to better prepare soldiers for combat, it emphasis on a full-body workout. The program was made to limit injuries and increase deployment readiness. One of the most popular drills is the 300-yard shuttle run, Soldier runs to one end of the field and touches the ground with their left hand, then come back touch the ground with their right hand. Soldiers will find the program is designed to improve their PT scores instead of hurt them. The program consists of many sprinting exercises to help with longer running routes, like the wo-miles run. The other training that the soldier is going to have to do during the physical training test is going to be more obstacles. With this it helps soldiers to be able to maneuver around obstacles, over obstacles and under obstacles. With this training it with help soldiers with the terrain that is overseas. With my experience of being overseas and what I have seen there are a lot of obstacles that soldiers have to cross everyday. When a soldier is at basic training they are trained on three to five second rushes.

The three to five second rushes consist of running for three to five seconds and then dropping to the ground. This is good for when a unit over seas is under fire and they are out on a walking patrol. It helps get people back to a safe position and when you get down it helps conceal the soldier from the opposing force that is firing on them. The other training that is involved will be a lot of core training. With this training it will make the upper body of the soldier stronger and the lower body.

This helps with the gear that the soldier would have to carry when they are deployed. The gear will consist of the body armor, the ammo, the weapon, the helmet, and sometimes the ruck sack. With all of this together it could weigh around 50 to 100 pounds or even more depending on the job that the soldier has. I am a military police officer so my gear consisted of all of those things. It’s a tough journey but with the right training and exercise the soldier is able to carry the gear with out any problems. I agree with the physical fitness that is coming out for the army.

The new one helps the soldiers be more prepared than the old one. The old on consisted on push ups, sit ups and a 2 mile run. In combat there will never be a time that you would have to run 2 miles. The most you will ever run is maybe 30 meters. With the push ups and sit ups that just help to get your body in shape but do not get your body to the place where you need it to be to carry all of your gear. The new physical fitness will be a lot better than the old one because it will help out a lot of people with the physical requirements that are meant for overseas.

Army Physical Fitness Training Standards essay

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