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Ardagh Group International Management Trainee Programme.

Have you got global ambition? Explore our world on the Ardagh Group International Management Trainee Programme. Ardagh Group is one of the largest rigid packaging manufacturers in the world. We operate 100 facilities in 26 countries, specialising in research, development and production of metal and glass containers for the world’s biggest brands, manufacturing 32 billion containers a year.

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We’re looking for proactive, ambitious, dynamic new talent to join our other 18,000 employees to become future leaders of our company. The challenge: gt; Spend 30 months working in our business across multiple specialities (Corporate and plant operations,  commercial, IT, HR, procurement) > Tackle various strategic business assignments > Maximise your opportunity to develop a long-term career at Ardagh The requirements: > Graduate with a Masters or Bachelor degree > Maximum of three years’ working experience > Essential: English-speaking and able to travel > Willing to learn additional languages > Ideally an engineering, economic, business or financial background > Flexible, results-driven team player gt; Be prepared to regularly re-locate and work in multiple countries The reward: > Intensive leadership and management development > International travel and all-round global business experience > Work in a technical, challenging operational environment > Clear career paths and future opportunities after programme > Professional development programme > Competitive benefit package All you have to ask yourself is:  ‘Am I ready to take on the world? ’ Application You must answer every question for your application to be considered. Please answer each of the following questions in 150 words of less: . Why do you want to be an Ardagh Group International Trainee? 2. Think of a goal that you have achieved and are proud of. Tell us what the goal was, describe how you achieved it, and explain why you are proud of it. 3. Think about an individual or a team that you have helped achieve a goal. Tell us whether you led of supported the effort, and describe what you did. 4. Describe how you ensure that you communicate effectively with others. 5. Think about a team that you belong to. Briefly describe your role within that team and tell us what you like about it. 6.

Describe how you have tackled a problem to deliver a successful project or action. 7. Give one example of a mistake you have made, including what you have learned from it. 8. Describe what ‘TRUST’ means to you and tell us how you build trust with others. We look forward to receiving your application including the answers of the questions above, motivation and c. v. Please send it to: Astrid. [email protected] com Closing date: 15 April 2013 More information and applications: Internet: www. ardaghgroup. com HR:Astrid Portegies: +31 13 579 2911 / Astrid. [email protected] com