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Apprising Employees at the San Diego Zoo

Reed Nevers Chapter 8 Case study Case study 2 November 10,2012 Online Employee performance 1.The San Diego Zoological Society finally came to the realization that they needed more from their employees even though the society was nonprofit.After further research the society decided to go with a new appraisal system to evaluate their employees.

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They concluded it would be an online appraisal system. The strategy behind this system was to come up with a collaboration that would coincide with the organizational goals, and give the ability of the employee to set their own goals.

This idea would help prevent breakdown within the system, which allows the employees to communicate on a personal basis. This system eventually lead to a merit based platform to help pay the employees’ salaries. Not only did the system reach its goals it allowed those who were slightly computer illiterate to be able to add input and it allowed the employees to record their achievements. 2. Is it worth it for the society to go with an online system? There are the pros and cons.

For example by changing to an online system the society will be able to streamline their efforts of recruiting, reduce paperwork, while increasing a subjective base of individuals, furthermore it allows the managers to design a process that fits their needs and ideals based upon the organization’s mission. On the flipside the employees have concerns about the outcome of the sample that is generated by the software. They feel that it could be biased based upon the organizational needs instead of the employee’s needs. 3.

I feel that the new appraisal system will allow the employee to have the opportunity to track their performance achievements throughout the year in a simple way, this process will be beneficial to them when it comes to the annual appraisal with their managers. The managers on the other hand will have the ability to track and maintain a centralized data base of information of measures to help establish a baseline on the employee for the annual appraisal. The online system will benefit both the employee and the manager.

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