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Sunny San Diego

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Literature 1301-012| Sunny Sandy Eggo| A Guide to San Diego for Young Adults| | Jonathan Lincoln| 3/5/2013| | Aloha! And, Welcome to one of the friendliest and most temperate climates in the world. We like to call this little slice of heaven, San Diego. Today, you will just get a crumb of the cake, as to what the beaches of this amazing, international hub have to offer. Starting from north, and heading south, along the coast line are La Jolla Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach.

With everything from restaurants on piers, bars and novelty shops on the boardwalk, to rollercoasters and dog beaches. You can never go wrong on a bright, sunny, warm day from Also, for the college students; we will cover the social scenes that each area has to offer. La Jolla Beach is widely known for its Full Moon parties at Black’s beach, which is located north of Scripps Pier, beneath the Torrey Pines Glider port and close to UCSD. Hence, the name Full Moon party, every full moon, locals gather at the beach, usually with guitars, drums, and an occasional dj.

Everyone then conjugates around a fire, and just enjoys the good times, along with life its self. Black’s beach is also known for its occupant’s sun bathing in the nude during the daytime, so I wouldn’t recommend venturing into the unknown. Our next stop, Pacific Beach, better known as PB, has more of a college student’s age demographic. Offering bars on the boardwalk, and a restaurant on the pier. If you’re in your party stage, this is where you want to be.

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Sunny San Diego

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Between Typhoon’s, which is one of many trifectas in the area, it triples as a restaurant, bar, and club, on Garnet Ave; to, Crystal Pier, there must be at least 20 different diverse bars, clubs and restaurants, offering something different for every walk of life. Heading further south, along the Ocean Front Walk, you will stride by many condos and houses before coming upon the first marker of Mission Beach, Belmont Park. Here, you can enjoy a wooden rollercoaster, bumper cars, or simply lounge on the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and aqua. Down, past Belmont Park, on the Mission Beach Peninsula, you come to the yacht clubs.

Although most are private, and only accessible by members and their guests, I personally, have been invited to join a handful of parties on the yachts, just by simply being in the right place at the right time. Skipping across Mission Bay to Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs, this peninsula was my home, better known as Point Loma Peninsula. The core of Ocean Beach’s, better known as OB’s, life support, lies within Newport Ave. At the base of the avenue, you will find not only, access to the pier and beach; but to two blocks that include over 30 different businesses based on tourism.

The Black is probably the most recognized novelty shop, while Gallagher’s is the official Irish pub, and Roberto’s, the official restaurant. Also, if you have the time, take an hour or two to work your way further down the coast. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Well, although there is so much more this ten mile stretch has to offer, I can’t give away all of the secrets and gems that this area has. Go out and discover things. Share your experiences. And remember, it’s only one life, so live with no regrets, and enjoy.

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