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Leadership is associated to organizational change management and only the leaders who are capable can make an organization successful so it is basically the concern of the human resource department to take care of this. Moreover, the employees who are recruited should be suitable for Apple and should be offered training and development opportunities so that they can cope up with the changes in the management style and they should also be gives rewards after carrying out performance appraisal to keep them motivated and loyal towards Apple.

Leadership development is an activity that helps to enhance the leadership qualities in a person and the leadership styles are used in the learning process and they help make the employees learn things that can help him do the best at work. The concept of leadership styles came into existence in 1970. Leadership is basically the process of social influence that includes the support and the assistance of a particular person to make the other people accomplish their task and achieve something extraordinary.

There are many theorists who have proposed leadership theories and it is not necessary that every organization adopts the same theory but according to their culture, the company decides upon which leadership style should be adopted. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist has suggested three different styles of leadership that are mentioned below. 1. Authoritarian /autocratic – in this type of leadership, full liberty is given to the leaders to take decisions and supervise their team members to ensure that they complete their task well.

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2. Participative or democratic – in this type of leadership, although the leaders include the employees while taking a decisions and discuss things with them but he is the one who takes the final decision. 3. Delegate of Free reign – this is also known as laissez-faire style and this is basically about giving power to the employees. This enables the employees to take their own decisions, however the responsibility is basically of the leaders only.

This type of leadership style can be used in organizations where there is a higher awareness and there are a few number of employees working for the organization. Other than these, there are many other leadership theories as well that the management uses in their organizations and some of these are transactional, transformational, quiet, situational etc.

According to the transformational leadership theory, the employees are more prone to follow someone who inspires them more and this is because they have a vision for their set targets, however the vision has to be developed by the leader and this makes them work with passion and to give importance to what they are doing. The vision is accepted by some employees readily but some hesitate in accepting it due to which they have to be encouraged to accept and follow the vision. Steve Jobs has adopted this theory of leadership and has made Apple successful.

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