Analytical Analysis of The Tempest

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One needs to analyze the genre of Shakespearean work, to understand the character's development and relation to the play as a whole. This play is characterized as a "dramatic comedy," in which character interaction is the substance of all events that take place within the story. Also, Shakespeare incorporates the traditional aspect: inciting point, rising action, climax, and resolution, so that the reader understands the overall visual meaning of Shakespearean' creation. The major theme of a "dramatic comedy' relates to the idea of relationship or marriage, which is seen in the play as the climax and ultimate outcome.

As stated before, the source of conflict and action in a "dramatic comedy' only exist through character interaction, as seen Prospered and Notation's relationship. Prosper is seen as the protagonist (figure in which action is being performed) of the play, while Antonio is considered the antagonist (figure doing the action to the protagonist) because of his actions that caused Prospered situation. This relationship is one of the most important of the play because it not only sets the scene for why Prosper organizes his actions, but also how the setting of the play relates to

Prosper. In the opening of the play, Prosper is stranded on a remote island, which the reader later realizes is caused by his brother, Antonio, a conning and power struck sibling, who usurped the Dukedom of Milan from his brother and vanished him from the country. Prospered knowledge of "alchemy' is the essence that forms his role in the story as the main character and the reason for his powers of creating events within the story. For example, the reason for The Tempest, a big storm, was created by Prospered alchemical sorcery in controlling Ariel, a spirit, to regain his

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Dukedom from Antonio who was aboard the ship, as well as attempt to find a companion for his daughter, Miranda, to marry which as a major theme of "dramatic comedy' comes into play by Prospered will. The play also surrounds the aspects of revenge, in which the reader can observe character transformation as revengeful actions takes place throughout the story, especially as Prosper continues to control the situational outcome of Miranda, Ariel, Antonio, Alonso, Ferdinand, Gonzalez, Clinical, Triathlon, and Stephan. Towards the closing of the play the character's transformation becomes present, for example;

Alonso changes his attitude towards Prosper from enemy to comrade, Prosper forgive all and gives up his magical alchemy and regaining Dukedom, Ariel becomes a free spirit, Miranda changes from a virgin child to a bride-to-be, Ferdinand becomes By inconsiderateness tainting and a husband-to-be, Stephan and Trillion's characterization changes trot Godly figure to mortal as other characters, Clinical becomes a wise victim which changed from his naive lack of knowledge of the outside world, and Gonzalez broadens his cognition of knowledge and becomes a "real" aspect of wisdom.

However, Antonio and Sebastian character yields small transformation compared to other characters because they ultimately end in the same situation that they were first seen as, despite Antonio losing Dukedom and Sebastian never gaining power from Alonso. Character's role and transformation is an important aspect to understand because it helps understand the meaning of the story. Also, visualizing change in the story is the most important part to keep the reader interested, which Shakespeare does with ease, especially with his incorporation of twists and the magical aspect of alchemy that Prosper uses throughout this play.

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