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Analysis and Interpretation of Don Juan

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Analysis and Interpretation of Don Juan canto 1 stanza LXV to LXX: Don Juan was written by Lord Byron. He started writing it from 1818. The manuscript was not complete at the time of Byron's death in 1824. Byron coined the term “Byronic Hero”. Don Juan is definitely a Byronic Hero. He has all the Characteristics of a Byronic Hero. This poem constantly takes me back to the 1800s, because at that time women had no rights at all. If they married someone then they were treated like property of their husbands and if they stayed single then their parents dictated every single thing she did with every single person.

For most part women were not allowed to stay single unless they were nuns or prostitutes. Even when they were married they were not allowed to hold control of inherited wealth. They did not have the right to own a slave or even vote. Women were economically dependent. If a woman did something wrong and people find out about it, she would be tainted and blemished forever and also banished from society but if a man does the same thing or even worse, he could still be able to hold his head up high in society. Julia married Alfonso only because she had to. Alfonso never showed his jealousy because nobody likes a jealous person.

Alfonso cared about what people thought and he was cleaver and careful. He never wanted people to know about his illegal affairs. I personally think Donna Inez is a psychopath and a Sociopath both. I mean why else would she use her son to destroy the relationship of her lover and his wife. Julia is not as complicated as Inez. Julia does not realize what Inez had in her mind. I think she thought Inez actually wanted to be her friend. Being a simple girl Julia probably didn’t know about Alfonso and Inez’s affair. When Juan was a child Julia showed affection for him but that was just normal and innocent.

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Analysis and Interpretation of Don Juan

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When Juan hit puberty something changed between both of them. They felt attracted to each other. As a grown woman Julia realized why she was feeling this way. But Juan is completely different. His mother never let him mix and mingle with people of his own age. At first he didn’t even realize what was happening to him. This poem follows a third person point of view. In these stanza’s Byron talks about lot of important issues but the tone is always humorous and satiric. Don Juan is a lot like Byron himself. The difference is Byron was highly educated and Juan had no interest in that line.

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