An Analysis of Pal in Light of Employee Motivation, Leadership and Organization Control

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There are factors in organizational behavior that influences the survival and the general welfare of an organization. It is thus paramount for such factors to be cautiously considered. This paper will give an analysis of employee motivation, leadership and organization control in light with Philippine Airlines. It will show the extent that the company has put these factors into use and what still remains to be done. Introduction Philippine Airlines, Inc (PAL) is my company of choice. It is an airline based in Philippines and had been among the best and largest airlines in Asia.

The Asian Financial crisis of 1997 had a very big impact to the company as it was forced to cut down operations in Europe and in Southwest Asia. There was high workers retrenchment and as the company was not able to operate above its marginal costs, it was placed under receivership in 1998. PAL has currently restored its services to the market as it came out of receivership in 2007, with plans to embark on quality services to its customers and diversification of its fleet. PAL has been faced with a number of challenges of which it plans to overcome.

It thus makes it an ideal company in analysis of various organizational concepts. The company’s core values include its commitment to operate in an environment friendly manner and work to motivate its working force. This leads us to the concepts that we shall analyze in regard to this company: work or employee motivation, leadership and organization control (Philippines Airlines, 2008). Examination of employee motivation reveals that basically the employees will be motivated, when they have total knowledge about an organization.

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They will feel that they have a direction since they have an understanding of what the company is all about and what the company concentrates in. The employees are required to have a clear knowledge on the core company’s principals, its priorities and mission. It is from such a point that it becomes easy to integrate the goals of the company to the goals of the employees. PAL to the achievement of this end has laid a vigorous orientation program for new employees. A welcome letter is served to such an employee and plans for accommodating and assimilating the new employee are normally underway.

This is done with an intention to enhance the new employees relationship with the company, a process that enables the employees understand what is expected of them as well as enable the company understand what are the employees expectations (Palmer, 2007). The airline industry is a very competitive industry and as such, the best employee performance is expected in order to have a competitive edge in the market place. It is thus vital to consider the measures that will be put in place so as to motivate the workers.

Research has put it that most employees need motivation in their workplaces which incorporates quite a significant number of factors. Southwest Airlines is an airline that has achieved exemplary performance that is still envied by quite a number of its competitors. The major strategy that the management implemented is enhancing the human resources sector by having employee motivation strategies. The employees have owned the airline as they have thorough knowledge of the operations of the company. The management is of the idea that when you look at the needs of the employees, the employees will also look at your needs. You can also read about relationship between power and leadership

Our question on Philippine Airlines will remain to be to what extent has this company gone to ensure that employees are motivated (Romero, 2010). According to Fonbuena (2009), Employees in Philippine Airlines have not yet developed enough confidence in the company. With a past history of large employees’ retrenchment in the late 1990s, the company has a lot to be done if employees are going to feel listened to, heard and consulted. Their opinions will need to be taken seriously and group dynamics among the employees will enable them improve their performance. About info (2009) advises that a company needs to enhance competition between various teams and groups in the workforce. Awards such as employee of the year would also work well to motivate such workers into quality performance. Employees are key resources to a company and as such, PAL would create an impact by making sure that the needs of the employees are met as other organization needs are met. People should be treated fairly, respected and taken in honesty. Training and development should be embarked on and when situation arise, jobs should be reorganized and restructured.

Employees’ reward systems should be pegged on job performance and should be taught on ways of setting work related goals. In general, employees’ needs should be understood and addressed if the airline would desire to have quality output. This is because when an employee is treated well by the management, the employee will also treat the organization’s customers well (About. info, 2009). Leadership Leadership is very critical in any organization. It is a skill that deals with the motivation of people towards a certain performance and goals.

PAL strategic Leadership is leading effectively into action and productivity while in use of power, influence and motivation. The organization needs to employ a leadership style that will influence people towards performance. Charismatic leadership will involve leaders who shall have enough audacity to influence people towards achieving the objectives and goals of the organization. Leadership is a learning process in which if incorporated with a strategy and the necessary resources, achievement of desired objectives and goals becomes almost certain (Clark, 2008).

There are three basic leadership styles: autocratic, participative and free reign. With the previous experience in an autocratic style of leadership, PAL approaches this issue with concern. The increased desire to integrate workers in decision making and taking the opinions of the employees seriously is an indication that the airline wants a shift from the traditional autocratic form of leadership. The company embraces the participative leadership style which recognizes the fact that a leader is not expected to know all things.

The need to employ skillful employees is to ensure that the organization utilizes their pool of knowledge and skills in improving its welfare. This means that a platform needs to be created where views of employees can be accessed, not only on technical matters of the company, but also on matters of principle. In effect, a good leader is aware of the ideal situation to apply any of the leadership styles. The continuous use of a single style will lead to a one-sided organization with rigidities and deadlocks in most of its functions (Clark, 2008).

For effective leadership, PAL has also realized that employee approach is very fundamental in the success or failure of the organization. There are positive and negative approaches in which positive leaders will use rewards that will be intriguing enough to motivate employees. Negative leaders on the other hand emphasize on penalties. They act domineering and superior to other people. They believe that the best way to enhance performance is by threatening and through penalties which increases their influence and authority.

It is fine to administer penalties for wrongs done by employees but when this strategy is used wrongly, the morale of the employees fall (Clark, 2008). Leadership is very essential if an organization will embrace success. It looks at all aspects of the organization and integrates them towards achievement of one common purpose. It has been well known that leaders that are considerate when using their leadership aspect are great performers and they have a greater level of job satisfaction. Jaime Bautista and other executive leaders will need to incorporate a transformational leadership style so as to have a promising outcome.

Organization Control According to Etzion (1961), organization control is a process that determines the performances the organization needs, while having a keen interest in the quantities and the qualities of the performance so as to determine whether it is in line with organizational specifications. An organization control system is very fundamental in any organization. It ensures that the strategies, goals and objectives set have been realized and targets have been hit. Control is normally performed on the output, behavior and on organizational culture.

Strategic goals are set for each division in the organization by the corporate managers, the division managers set goals for each function so as to achieve the divisional goal and each functional manager sets goals for each individual so that the goals of the function are achieved. With the coming up of PAL in 2007 from receivership, strategic goals have been put in place to rejuvenate the performance of the Airline. Organizational control will thus be very vital for the company as it will highlight possible bottlenecks that would hinder the performance of the company.

An adequate control system is paramount in order to enable managers respond to various responses in the organization, it also provides information on time and accurate information for that matter. The control process can be said to involve establishing standards of performance measurement. These are the goals and targets against which performance needs to be evaluated. The actual performance is then measured. The third step involves comparing the actual performance against the set standards of performance and lastly the results are evaluated and a corrective action is initiated where the performance deviates from the set standards.

PAL should utilize its organization control measures effectively so that areas of weaknesses can be identified in time and corrective action taken to ensure that the company remains profitable so as to gain investor’s confidence (Philippine Airlines, 2008). Conclusion It is evident that PAL will require using employee motivation, leadership strategies and organization control effectively. These are factors that can be very transformational to an organization if they are adequately applied.

In general, these are factors that are critical to the survival of any company in this ultra competitive and evolving world. The organizational approach has to be very flexible since uncertainty and redundancy increases with the increase in the rate of improved technology.


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