An Abundance of Katherines

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The search for you Innerself In the novel An Abundance of Katherines by John Green we find how the need for social acceptance may often alter ones true Identity. Everyone may have different personalities in different situations. Most people can actually forget there true self because of all their other personalities, It really all depends on the social group they'd like to belong to. I myself can connect to Lindsey in real life, Just like her I have a few sides to myself and they all come out at different times in my life, epending on where I'm trying to fit in.

People change thereselves for the people they'd like to connect with. Lindsey has a special side to her she uses when shes around her boyfriend T. O. C. , another one she uses around the elderly, and the side she begins to remember when she's around Colin. The personality she uses when shes with T. O. C. is her made-up side that she decided to make to make him like her and also fit in with him. It was important for her to have a boyfriend at the time so she had to hide her true self and fake emotions because her and T. O. C. idn't have too much and common. She hated his manners and jokes but she liked that he didn't change himself for a single person and presumed to act the same In front of anyone he'd came across, that was something she wasn't capable of. The side Lindsey uses when she's around te elderly was the polite, innocent one. She always shows a great amount of respect for them and no matter how boring they may be she would let them tell her stories for hours and hours at a time. without interrupting them once. or getting annoyed. They all love her. they loved her whole family, and they wanted her to always stay young so she could visit them forever, and they can't believe how fast she's grown since theyh. 'e known her. You can tell they made her realize that she wasn't being her true self when they made her cry after all the compliments they gave her. she faded away trom them though because she spent a lot ot time with her boyfriend and her friends but visiting them was still a passion of hers. The last personality we see Lindsey use in the book is the one Collin reminds her of.

Out of everyone she knows he is the first one that made her feel her true self. She didn't have to act, or pretend to be anything she wasn't. Somehow her and Collin just understood eachother, and didn't have to be nervous, she didn't feel the need to try and Impress him either. Collin Just began to like her for who she really was Inside. "The people who have been In your secret places" said Collin. "The people who you bite youre thumb in front of" said Lindsey. (pg. 208). He helped her realize her true colors by accepting who she really was. There are three different sides to myself as well. e one I use most is the quiet me. When I'm in school I tend to keep to myself and stay quiet. I basically do it to give me an edge with teachers so that way if I'm ever borderline the teacher will like ' Of2 me ana give me a second cnance, or pass me, at least tnat's wnat I nope Tor, altnougn I never wish to be in that sitution. I also use this side of me when I do things like go to church. I'm silent there because that's the respectful thing to do as I've been taught by god and my parents. Another personality I use is my true personility, my social side.

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I'm an energetic, loud, fun, outgoing teenager and I plan on always being like that at acceptable times, like parties and hanging out with my buddies. There the ones that understand me the best and I can always have fun with them, and I know in the end my buddies are always here for me as I am for them. It's the best feeling in the world having friends who I can Just be myself around and not have to worry about being misjudged and what not. The last side of me is basically both put together. This personality comes to use when I'm with family and family friends.

I m very close to them but there are certain boundaries I have with them that I don't have with friends. Family may be friends but I still have to keep in mind that there the parents and they can give me boundaries and responsibilities. There Just two different relationships. I know deep down that I have found my true identity and I have a great balance in life. Finding who you are is honestly not hard it Just happens. The best thing to do is just surround yourself by people who make you feel yourself and accept you. Understand that people have different ways of expressing themselves as well.

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