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Amtrak scandal

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Amtrak the railroad service provider of the United States faces a big dilemma. An article in CNN online stated that about 8,000 of Amtrak’s employees decided to stop working for one day but was forced to get back due to court orders. The rally was supposed to question certain things about the funding for Amtrak because the US Federal Government decided to cut down their budget. Amtrak already explained their side and yet nobody position listened to their statements and arguments.

Amtrak says that they have responsibilities to serve the general public so they have to improve their services. The Federal Government should consider certain points about Amtrak. First, Amtrak provides railroad in most of the country’s states. They need funds in order to improve their services. They also have to maintain their equipments. How can an employee give quality service if she/ he face a big problem? If the government does not help them they might lose heir jobs.

Their employer couldn’t help them because the problem isn’t between employer and worker, it is between the workers and congress. The congress is the one responsible for budget and yet they don’t give considerations and attention to it. Government should equalize treatments on different public rides may it be aircrafts, boats, cars or trains. They should be improving all so that no sector is lagging behind. On the other hand, loaning is not the answer for Amtrak. They need capital. Loaning can lead to debts that can not be paid because Amtrak is not gaining profits.

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It is government owned. The solution that government can give is giving them capital in order to survive the fast- paced world. Sadly, politicians in the state are not doing anything to save their dying railroad system. They are supposed to bring about change in their country. Change that would be of good effect to most of the population.

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