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Am I a writer? How do I deal with my emotions.

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I’m very scared of writing. I tend to let my thoughts and emotions take over when I am writing. Of course, there’s no harm in some personal input but it takes over everything. My fictional stories begin to be real life events and my character’s emotions seem to be what I feel in that moment. I think my life is kind of interesting so at first, I didn’t mind it.

I’ve shown my closest friends drafts of what I’ve written, and they enjoyed it so, my life could pretty much pass as a fictional young adult novel. The worst part about it is I only seem to write the bad things that happen in my life. A significant event that happened in my life was my best friend kissing the person I was practically in love with for about half a year.

I didn’t react much, in fact, it’s what inspired me to write a book in the first place. I don’t consider myself a negative or a sad person, but it’s all I seem to write about. I assumed all these events in my life that have made me sad at some point just seem to appeal to people especially after the feedback I’ve gotten from people.

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Due to all I’ve written so far in my book, I realized that I did turn into a negative person. I became unhappy and felt resentful towards everyone.

The first book I ever wrote was when I was a child, it was 5 pages long and it ended happily ever after. Of course, now being a grown adult, I realized the book was terrible, but it made me happy because that’s what the author felt during that moment and what the book wanted the audience to feel. I agree that maybe you are letting your emotions get to you too much.

You might try getting feedback from someone who doesn’t know you rather than your closest friends and think about how your whole audience will feel after reading your book. If your intention is to make them feel sad then go ahead! But also, do not take anything too personally. I also feel as if you need to let out your emotions and express them to the people you resent.

It takes a toll on a person’s emotional and mental health when it is not fully expressed. Another good thing to do is to just cool down during a moment of having strong emotions rather than aimlessly writing. I myself struggled in the past the same way you are struggling now. Whenever I had really strong emotions whether it was being happy or sad, I wrote it as part of my book, but it just didn’t make any sense.

I figured to keep my writing about my what I am feeling in a separate file or in a journal, so it wouldn’t mess with my book. This is another healthy way of letting out your emotions. It’s good to keep a journal, it also helps with practicing your writing. Just remember there’s nothing wrong with putting thoughts and emotions into your writing, as long as you are satisfied and so is your audience.

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