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Allstate Insurance Company

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The Allstate Insurance Company is the largest publicly insurer of personal lines having large assets and continuing to sell major lines insurance which includes commercial, property, life, and automobiles. Aside from those, Allstate offers banking services and retirement and investment products.

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Allstate Insurance Company

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. As public servants, the company feels the need to get in touch with people all the time in order to fulfill the mission and vision of Allstate. Some of the techniques that are being applied by the company are creating good relationship with the customers and giving the best service possible to the insurance buyers.

Since Allstate is a big company with a reputation and credibility to take care of, the company keeps on making the public informed of their plans for the customers and developing the projects that are being prepared for them. The public relation department of Allstate has numerous members assigned in different fields. The development and implementation of internal public relations that will support the business units of the company in fulfilling its objectives are handled by few people who facilitate the editing and production of fact sheets, standby statements, and press releases.

On the other hand, other people in the department answers internal and external communications activities for the company’s domestic violence program. This public relations of Allstate aims to develop executive communications, work with internal media teams and agency in creating external awareness, and creating communication tools and program collateral to improve the relationship of the company to customers and business partners.

The company frequently give press releases in order to make the public updated of the improvement in Allstate. The website of the company provides all the important information that the public needs to know about them. On that aspect, the company has undeniably created awareness about the nature of their business. In other words, Allstate aims to gain the attention of the viewers of the site through the catchy statements and images and persuasive appeal of the official website of Allstate.

Aside from that, the company tries to meet the demand of the company by having partnerships with diverse business firms to help the consumers save more aside from the insurance that the company offers. As the company tagline suggest, every person is in good hands with every service that the company offer to the public. Surprisingly, a company with a lot of money is able to save itself from possible lawsuits.

In other words, the company applies good techniques in gaining the loyalty of its customers. This is a manifestation that the public relations has strong impacts to the success of the business firm (Ledingham. et al, 1998). Regardless of the size of the company, the society still focuses on the activities that the company does which will benefit not only the organization but also the public that is often the primary target of the products and services.

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