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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending the Grades

COLEGIO DE DAGUPAN Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending the Grades of the Colegio de Dagupan Students to their Parents A research paper submitted to the faculty of School of Engineering In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course in English Communication 2 Discipulo, Margie Lyn C. Espiritu, John Mark A. Fragata, Jessa C.

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Gapuz, Ervie R. . March Table of Contents CHAPTER I I. Introduction A. Background of the Study B. Objectives of the Study C. Statement of the Problem CHAPTER II II. Discussion A. Internet Findings B. Survey Findings C. Interview Findings

CHAPTER III III. Conclusion A. Summary B. Conclusion C. Recommendations Reference Appendix CHAPTER I Background Study Every educational institution is aiming to attain achievement through their various programs, projects and activities. They play the vital role in the implementation of new dimensions to realize visions for the brighter future. Our school serves to be our second home and our instructors which serves to be our second parents. Students are sent to school by their parents but parents are not able to monitor their child’s in performance in school.

The students have all their portals, but not all parents are informed about it or some don’t know the password of the account or maybe some are not computer literate. Nepo Mall has been built in front of Colegio de Dagupan which may create an influence on the academic performance and lifestyle of students. The world today is very different from yesterday. Students also changes. Now a days, many gadgets and technologies are coming out in the market. Students were not able to give more attention to their studies. Some parents are too busy to check their child’s performance in school even their child’s grade were not monitored.

So as of this, the President of this institution implemented a new policy – it is to deliver a hard copy of every students grade in their home. In this concern, we seek if there is any advantage or disadvantage of sending the grades of Colegio de Dagupan students to their parents. Objectives of the Study The study aim to answer the following questions: 1. To be able to identify if the new policy could help the parents monitor their child ? 2. Are the parents satisfied with the new policy ? 3. Is their any advantage or disadvantage for the students with the new policy? 4.

Is the new policy well implemented ? 5. Did all students receive their grades through postal ? Statement of the Problem The study aim to determined if there are advantage or disadvantage of sending thegrades of Colegio de Dagupan students to their parents. And if the new policy is wellimplemented by the administration. CHAPTER 2 Discussion II. DISCUSSION A. Internet Findings COLEGIO DE DAGUPAN PORTAL The primary advantage is that an online. Portal can be setup to automatically grade responses and the primary disadvantage is that the best answer may not be the right answer. Local college has such a portal and it’s great when test results are immediately posted for test-taker viewing. * Student portal it’s college online grade access for student in CDD. Advantage of writing our own is that we can make any kind of adjustments or new features on the fly. B. Survey Findings Table I. Percentage of correspondents according to school. School| Population| Percentage| SOHS| 10| 18. 18%| SOE| 10| 18. 18%| SIHM| 10| 18. 18%| SBA| 10| 18. 18%| SAS| 10| 18. 18%| SITE| 5| 9. 09%| Total| 55| 100%| Table I presents the number of correspondents from each school or department 10 out of 55 or 18. 8% from theSchool of Engineering(SOE), School of Health Sciences(SOHS), School of International Hotel and Management (SIHM),School of Business and Accountancy(SBA), School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and 5 or 9. 09% from School of Information Technology Education (SITE). Table II. Percentage of students who receive and don’t receive their grades. School| % who have receive their grades| % who haven’t receive their grades| SOHS| 60%| 40%| SOE| 80%| 20%| SIHM| 60%| 40%| SBA| 50%| 50%| SITE| 80%| 20%| SAS| 90%| 10%| Table II presents the percentage of students who was able to receive their grade from postal.

Almost half of the SBA student’s were not able to receive the delivered grades. Table III. Percentage of students who agreed to add the postal fee to their tuition fee. School| Agree| Disagree| SOHS| 90%| 10%| SOE| 90%| 10%| SIHM| 50%| 50%| SBA| 70%| 30%| SITE| 40%| 60%| SAS| 30%| 70%| Table III shows how many student’s who agreed that postal fee would be added to the student’s tuition fee. Most of the students of SIHM, SITE and SAS are not in favour with this. Table IV. Percentage of students who says that postal sending of grades in Colegio de Dagupan. School| Disadvantage| Advantage|

SOHS| 20%| 80%| SOE| 40%| 60%| SIHM| 30%| 70%| SBA| 40%| 60%| SITE| 40%| 60%| SAS| 30%| 70%| Table IV show about the comment of the students regarding the advantage and disadvantage of sending the grades of the student’s to their parents. Table V. Percentage of student’s whom there parent’s are happy with their grades. School| Happy| Sad| Angry| No Comment| SOHS| 70%| | | 30%| SOE| 90%| | 10%| | SIHM| 60%| | 10%| 30%| SBA| 80%| | | 20%| SITE| 100%| | | | SAS| 90%| 10%| | | Table V shows the percentage of student whom their parents are happy, angry and sad with their grades. Table VI.

Percentage of student who allow there parents to view their portals. School| Yes| No| SOHS| 10%| 90%| SOE| 20%| 80%| SIHM| 10%| 90%| SBA| 20%| 80%| SITE| 10%| 90%| SAS| 10%| 90%| Table VI presents the percentage of students who allow their parent’s to view their postal. Most of the student’s don’t allow their Table VII. Percentage of male and female correspondent in every school. School| No. of Males| % of Males| No. of Females| % of Females| SOHS| 5| 50%| 5| 50%| SOE| 5| 50%| 5| 50%| SIHM| 5| 50%| 5| 50%| SBA| 5| 50%| 5| 50%| SITE| 2| 40%| 3| 60%| SAS| 5| 50%| 5| 50%| Table VII.

Present the percentage of male and female correspondent in every school. Table VIII. Percentage of male who said postal fee is ok. School| No. of males| Agree| Disagree| % of male who agree| % of male who disagree| SOHS| 5| 4| 1| 80%| 20%| SOE| 5| 2| 3| 40%| 60%| SIHM| 5| 3| 2| 60%| 40%| SBA| 5| 3| 2| 60%| 40%| SITE| 2| 1| 1| 50%| 50%| SAS| 5| 1| 3| 66%| 34%| Table VIII represents the male who agreed that postal fee is ok to be added on student’s tuition fee. Table IX. Percentage of female who said postal fee is ok. School| No. of females| Agree| Disagree| % of females who agree| % of emales who disagree| SOHS| 5| 5| 0| 100%| 0%| SOE| 5| 5| 0| 100%| 0%| SIHM| 5| 2| 3| 40%| 60%| SBA| 5| 4| 1| 80%| 20%| SITE| 3| 1| 2| 33%| 67%| SAS| 5| 3| 2| 60%| 40%| Table IX represents the female who agreed that postal fee is ok to be added on their tuition fee. Table X. The Tally get from the Survey | 1. Did your parents recieive your grades? | | | Yes40| No15| | 2. Were you able to show your grades to your parents before you enroll| Yes9| No7| | 3. How did your parents reacted when they saw your grades| Happy45| Sad1| Angry No C2 7| 4.

Do you agree that the postal fee is added to your tuition fee? Why? | Yes31| No24| | 5. Do you agree that your grades will be delivered in your home through postal? Why? | Yes43| No12| | 6. Is there any disadvantage for you in the new policy? | Yes26| None29| | Table 10 represent the tally made by the researcher from the survey they made. On the survey made by the researcher the following reasons are gathered: *Reasons why student don’t agree with the additional fee for Postal Fee 1. Because it wasn’t included in my discount 2. Addition fee meaning to say additioinal TF and additional expenses and additional problem. . Postal fee is useless. In fact grades were delivered late and in some no grades were delivered. *Reasons why student agree that Postal Fee could be added in the Tution Fee. 1. Because the money paid will be use in the payment of the postal fee that will be use in sending our grades ain our respective home. 2. Because my parents would know my performance in school. *Reasons why students agree that grades will be sent at home. 1. So that my parents will know my grades and performance in school. 2. So that we could have a second copy. *Reasons why students don’t agree that grades will be sent at home. 1.

I don’t want to be scolded by my parents when they saw mygrades most specially when I have a failing grades. *Disadvantages of Sending the grades of student of CdD 1. My parents will know my grades specially when I have failing or low grade. *Advantages of Sending the grades of students of CdD 1. Our parents would be able to monitor their child’s performance in school. B. Interview Findings Based on our interviewee Mrs. Berhin R. Gapuz, agreed with the new policy implemented by the president of Colegio de Dagupan that second hard copy grades of the students of Colegio de Dagupan will be sent to their respective home.

According to her, her daughter’s original grade slip was submitted to the office of Team Energy so its better to have a second copy. On the other hand, Nancy Espirirtu don’t agree with this. She emphasize that delivery of second copy of her son’s grade. In fact he could monitor his child’s performance through CdD Portal. And she could see his son’s original grade slip. She also said that parents should always monitor their child. Second copy is just a waste of money. Mrs. Rosemarie Discipulo also commented that she disagree that grades will be sent in their home. ven if postal fee is only 18 php ,that cost still matters. And in fact grades were not delivered on time. Mr. Romeo Fragata Jr. ’s opinion is that he agree with the policy . He said,” Its not that I don’t have trust on my daughter I also need to monitor her performance in school. Chapter 3 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation This chapter presents the summary, conclusion and recommendations of the research “ Advantage and Disadvantages of Sending the Grades of Colegio de Dagupan Student’s to their Parents ‘’. Summary

The researchers conduct research, interview and survey to fulfil the study and to find out if the student or parents agree or disagree with the topic presented. Conclusion ————————————————- Based on the survey, 65 correspondents, 27 males and 28 females, almost 73% have receive their grades through postal. The remaining 27% was not able to receive their grades, but 60% of their parent’s view their grades before enrolling. Only 56% of the population agreed with the new policy that grades will be delivered at home. And only 16% of them let their parent’s view their portal. ———————————————— ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- RECOMMENDATION On the basis of the conclusions arrived at the researchers recommend the following. 1. The institutions should be alarmed with the implementation of the new policy. Grades should be delivered as early as possible for the parents to be informed. . As a student, you should your best shot to be make your parents happy with your grades. 3. Just continue the new policy for the parents to be informed with their child’s performance. Reference Survey Questionaire Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Year and Course_________________________________________________________Gender_____________________ Date of Survey: ______________________________________________________________________________________ If no, do you show your parent your grades? Yes No .” 1.

Did your parents receive your grades? Yes No If no, do you show your parent your grades? Yes No 2. Howdid your parentsreact when they saw your grades? Happy Sad Angry 3. Do you agree that the postal fee is added to your tuition fee? Why? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________