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Sending People Into Space

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The history of sending people to the space is quite long. The first trip to the space was in 1961 by the Soviet Union during the cool war with the United States. It was an important event in the human history. However, since then sending people to the space become more and more for many reasons, such as research discover the space, espionage, and in the last 10 years for tourism too, so lots of money are spending in this field of sciences; which is not useful in some people's opinion and they think the money should divert to worthwhile causes such as reducing world hunger. This essay explores both sides of the argument advantages and disadvantages.

There are a number of arguments in favour of sending people to the space. Firstly, discover the space which is very important to understand the space movement and predict any problems in the future, which would give people more time to find solution. For example, three weeks ago in the South America the space scientists predicted the hurricane before long time ,so the governments of Mexico and the USA control it, and the number of people who died or injured were a few.

Secondly, exploration of space allowing people to know more about the weather, plants, moon, sun and our solar system, last week a planet of our solar system was discovered in the USA by a space scientist. Thirdly, there is no doubt that sending people with their technology improved our communication; it is easier now to exchange the information than before. For example, international call, the internet and satellites. Finally, many things which often help to improve our lives were developed by space scientists. For example, drugs, human researches, and materials "Teflon".

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On the other hand, sending people to the space has also number of disadvantages. The first is that the majority of governments send people to the space for undeclared purpose which is espionage. Also they do not share the information with others. As a result each country sends their own, which means spend more money in situation they can share together. Moreover, in the recent year some companies started to attract rich people to go to the space, which costs lots of money. For example, Dennis Tito from the USA, who went with NASA for 8 days to the space and his trip cost £14m.

In conclusion, sending people to the space is necessary for both the governments and people; it will help and improve our lives in many ways. However, they have to work together in this field to reduce the number of money which is spending in their research.

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