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Advancing Technology

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Technology has been and will forever be advancing

It plays an important role in everyone's life, and can be found anywhere. Whether it's a six year old child playing with an iPhone, or an 80 year old lady reading a book on her kindle. There is Just no hiding from it. But with the advancement of technology, is society advancing with it, or Just becoming robots? To succeed in not being taken over by technology people must be true to themselves, set limits, and detach from it. Now a days, almost everyone has some sort of social media network.

It could be a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. That is what makes the internet such a dangerous place. While on the computer anyone could put anything as themself. They could make fake profiles or give false information about themselves, and the only person who would know is them. Someone could be talking to who they believe is a cute 20 year old girl, who they want to meet up with and date, but in reality it could be a 30 year old trucker playing a Joke. It is easy for people to hide behind a computer screen and that is why they do it so often. A prime example of this can be found from the T. V show "Catfish. What happens in the show is, two people end up talking to each other online; they start talking for a while, and then they fall in love without ever seeing each other. Then the hosts of the show go to one of the people and help them meet the "love of their life. " But out of the 24 aired episodes, only two people have actually been who they really said they were. But there are many more people who aren't being who they really say they are. So while using technology people should be who they really are, and Just because they can hide behind a computer screen, they should still be true to themselves. Hiding from technology is not an easy task.

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Some people actually need technology or important things, so they can't just throw it away. So instead of shutting out technology completely, people should Just set limits for themselves. The limit is up to them; either hardly using technology and Just going outside and enjoying the great outdoors, or cutting back to a certain amount of hours they use it. When setting these limits, take into account the time that you really need it. For instance, for work, checking important e-mails, or even school. People should cut back and use it when they actually need to, instead of using it all of the time when they have nothing better to do.

Using technology for entertainment is alright

Just try to cut back and set limits so that it isn't overused. Just because someone doesn't check their Facebook every minute, or stare at their phone while their Twitter news feed goes crazy doesn't leave you out of the loop. And that is the key to not being taken over. A big problem that people get is that they feel that they must constantly check their things so they don't miss something important. The problem is that they are missing out on what is happening right now and not focusing on the current. They could be driving and get an urge that they'll miss a party invite, so they must check.

Or if they are at a family get together and they are bored, they will just go on Facebook and think that, that is a better way to spend their time, but they actually shouldn't be using their phone, and instead making the best of should detach from technology and the virtual world. No matter the age, no matter the gender, everyone uses technology. It helps people get through their everyday lives. It could be used for business or Just entertainment, but no matter what the reason is people should always look out to not be used by technology. To do so they should remember to be true to themselves, set limits, and to detach from technology.

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