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Additive Manufacturing Technology In Dental Implants Engineering Essay

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    Medical industry is one of the most existing industries which extensively use Rapid Manufacturing for their application. Every twenty-four hours tonss of people all around the universe faces different medical jobs and they easy get treated really rapidly merely because of new fabrication technique.

    From this aspect Dental and Hearing industries are in a tendency which is developing really fast to undertake the challenges of future and treated as the most successful portion of this industry. The full research and application are depends on some alone particular functionality, form and cost. Sing all demands the constituent are produced utilizing plentifulness of stuffs through different procedure for both industries such as,

    This study gives the brief thought about usage of linear fabrication engineering in medical industry particularly in dental and hearing with an illustration of fabricating constituent, it besides put light on advantage for both modeller and user after utilizing linear fabrication engineering.

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    The Rapid Prototyping ( RP ) can be defined as a group of technique which refers to the bed by layer fiction of 3-dimensional ( 3D ) physical theoretical accounts straight from Computer aided design ( CAD ) . ( Cooper, 2001 )

    By and large this RP is known as the Additive fabrication ( AM ) procedure, because of recent sweetening and development in the field of Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ) machining has prove this engineering as the portion of RP procedure. ( Wimpenny, ( 2010 ) )

    Development in CNC machining which happened as an RP technique include remotion of stuff with higher rates, addition in cutting velocities and besides with higher machine axis speed. New development in both package and 3D bounder informations coped up with the recent alterations. ( Wimpenny, ( 2010 ) )

    The procedure begins after making a 3D theoretical account utilizing CAD package and it is indistinguishable for all built techniques. The theoretical account is so convert in to Standard Triangulation Language ( STL ) format, this format shows the 3D surfaces as an assembly of many contriver trigons. At following phase STL file slice the 3D theoretical account in to beds.

    As we know the linear fabrication is gradual procedure in which parts are industries through beds and each beds are joined and procedure continues until the concluding portion formed.

    RP 's linear nature allows is to make parts with complicated internal characteristics which is non possible by other agencies like hollow countries and undercuts for that these parts some times supports are necessary.

    Potential benefits of Rapid prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping has great advantages in technology, fabrication, selling and buying because it is easy rectified the job before production through design procedure. And it becomes clearer after comparing it with both CNC and traditional methods.

    Other benefits of rapid prototyping are follows, Elimination of clip of tooling and cost Complexity does non state about cost and clip. Bespoke/customised parts which are non possible for early methods. Through procedure is really easy to unite parts. It is easy to incorporate parts like mechanical and electronics Need non to piece the portion it will automatically come after procedure. Proper look into up cut down the stock list Easy to machine complex geometries like hollow parts and crisp interior cones.

    Rapid Prototyping Technologies

    Assortment of rapid prototyping engineering is being used in different country for different prototyping intent. The purpose consider as fabrication of follows, Hearing assistance shell Dental header, coronating and Bridges.

    Linear fabrication Technologies

    Stereolithography ( SLA ) is an linear fabrication engineering for bring for thing paradigms, forms, theoretical accounts, and in some instances, production parts.

    SLA builds theoretical account of plastic parts individual bed at a clip by following beam of optical maser on the VAT of liquid UV curable exposure polymer rosin. When UV light work stoppages the surface of the polymer rosin solidify the individual bed of rosin, when one bed is completed after following, the built platform descend in deepness by individual bed thickness ( Schmitt, 2005 ) . Then, a rosin filled blade expanses over the cross subdivision and make full it with fresh stuff and so optical maser once more do the same procedure on the top of the old bed, this procedure continues until the theoretical account is produced. Material self adhesive belongings to bond each bed and forma complete 3D theoretical account, after edifice parts are cleaned in dawanol rosin and intoxicant and so cured in a UV oven. ( wikipedia, 2010 )

    Stereolithography requires support for some object holding complex geometries like over bents and under cuts to keep the portion in lift platform and to forestall alteration in geometry from non debaring because of gravitation but to keep accurately. Supports are either automatically or manually designed along with the theoretical account, after procedure completion elevates it from VAT and cut off the supports. Then station processing requires which include cleansing and station remedy. ( Schmitt, 2005 )

    Advantages of Stereo lithography:

    • High quality surface finish with good mechanical strength
    • Models are clear and sound in declaration
    • Reliable for high productiveness

    Disadvantages of Stereolithography:

    • Expansive in machines and care every bit compared to others and
    • Complete service in contract and besides require laser replacing.
    • Materials are expensive ( ?120-200/kg ) and in limited scope
    • Should see wellness and safety issues with accessory equipment
    • Wet stuff handling
    • Require station processing

    `` Laser sintering ( LS ) is an linear fabrication technique by which parts are produces straight from 3D CAD theoretical account built bed by bed similar to SLA but instead than liquid rosin pulverization is used '' ( Arptech, 2010 ) . The CO2 Laser beam traces the all right heat fusible pulverization bed to increase its liquescent temperature so that pulverization fuses and organize a solid mass. The optical maser beam energy is maintained merely to blend pulverization in defined country of cross subdivision. The whole chamber temperature is fixed merely below the runing point of pulverization, so laser somewhat increase the temperature for sintering procedure or it means that welding without runing ( Arptech, 2010 ) . For the following measure Piston descend by individual bed thickness to resign topographic point for the new pulverization bed. Roller dispersed powder stuff on the built platform. This procedure continues until the sold theoretical account is produced with blending each bed below it. Then parts removed from the platform and left pulverization is removed for farther usage, produced portion may necessitate station processing for good surface coating such as sanding, it depend on the application. Complex geometries like overhangs and under cuts are supported by the solid pulverization bed. ( Schmitt, Rapid prototyping in dental medicine: engineering and application, 2005 )

    Advantages of LS:

    • Potential stuffs are available in broad scope for processing
    • Properties of the produced portion are really near to technology criterions
    • With out station hardening theoretical accounts are used
    • Fresh pulverization Acts of the Apostless as the support
    • No demand to plan supports
    • Easy to take support stuff
    • Support stuff can be partly ( 30 % ) reused = less waste
    • Supports are wholly removed with out feeling
    • Partss are stacked on the top and inside the another object

    Disadvantages of LS:

    • Process get shrink so need to give compensation
    • Difficult procedure as compared to SLA
    • Parts are porous require excess care/ powdery surface
    • Build orientation defines the belongings
    • Brittle parts as compared to others
    • Dust control is a large job in this procedure

    Fused Deposition Modeling ( FDM ) :

    `` Construction of 3D theoretical accounts through the uninterrupted deposition of an extruded fibril of stuff '' ( Wimpenny, ( 2010 ) )

    FDM is largely known as a 2nd best prototyping engineering after SLA ( Additive3d, 2010 ) ; it consists of temperature governable caput which extrude bed by bed thermo fictile stuff. Material is supplied to an bulge nose through a plastic fibril which is non wounded on a spiral. Heated nozzle melt the plastic in to semi liquid province and it besides has a mechanism through which it pour the liquid province plastic when it required agencies on and off system. Nozzle is allowed to travel in both perpendicular and horizontal waies and it is set on a mechanical phase. As the nozzle base on balls through the tabular array it pour the liquid province fictile stuff in the needed flight bed by bed. The fictile rapidly solidify and bonded with the old bed after chuck outing from the nose. The whole system is hold in a chamber which is maintained at a temperature somewhat lower so the running point of plastic.

    Assortment of patterning colours and stuffs are available in FDM procedure such as investing casting wax and medical class ABS. ( Schmitt, Rapid prototyping in dental medicine: engineering and application, 2005 )

    Advantages of FDM:

    • Operation is simple
    • Machines are inexpensive and dependable as compared to others
    • Assortment of stuffs can be used for functional paradigms
    • Easy to run in office environment.

    Disadvantages of FDM:

    • Slow in procedure
    • Parts are porous so they require excess attention
    • Build orientation set the belongings otherwise delamination can happen
    • Support stuff should be removed otherwise it modify the physique stuff which are manually broken
    • Waste of support stuff

    3D Printing

    `` 3D printing uses standard inkjet publishing engineering to make parts layer by bed by lodging a liquid binder onto thin beds of pulverization. Alternatively of feeding paper under the print caputs like a 2D pressman '' ( Materialise, 2010 ) , in 3D printing procedure print caput prints the portion cross subdivision informations after go throughing over a bed of pulverization. Feed Piston and platform are mechanized to administer pulverization in full physique platform equally and accurately, which comes up bit by bit for every individual bed. Powder which is distributed from feed Piston is spread on a build platform through roller mechanism.

    After distributing the pulverization bed, Printing starts with inkjet print caput to the cross subdivision of the first bed or the base of the theoretical account on the all right bed of pulverization, with pasting the pulverization together. After this Piston fall the platform by individual bed thickness of 0.1mm and fresh bed of pulverization is distributed equally on the top of earlier 1. The print head start publishing new bed after using informations for the following cross subdivision, and it besides glued automatically with the old 1. This procedure repeated it self for every individual bed until the solid theoretical account is produced ( Materialise, 2010 ) . After finishing the procedure, The reinforced chamber and parts are supported by left pulverization. Parts are removed from the build chamber after stuff get set, feed platform usage staying loose pulverization for farther production.

    Advantages of 3D printing:

    • Less fabrication cost for little and medium parts
    • Good surface coating can be achieved through station processing and sanding
    • Partss are reused after painting and smoothing

    Disadvantages of 3D printing:

    • 3DP parts have small unsmooth visual aspect because of fictile bead layering
    • Not good for big portion because slow in procedure

    Jetting ( PolyJet from Objet ) :

    Jeting is significantly similar to stereolithography in engineering with lone difference that it uses solid province exposure sensitive stuff. PolyJet engineering works on the jetting procedure in which exposure polymer stuffs are jetted on a built platform in extremist thin beds to finish portion bed by bed. Ultra violet visible radiation remedies every individual exposure polymer stuff bed instantly after gushing, with out station hardening theoretical accounts are to the full cured on managing and can be used instantly. The supports which are designed to back up complex geometries are really easy to take by manus or H2O jetting because it is gel like support stuff. ( Materialise, 2010 )

    Multi jet Mold:

    Multi Jet Modeling is a fast rapid prototyping engineering besides footings as Thermo jet and is used for construct mold. The theoretical accounts truth is less every bit compared to stereolithography because of wax like plastic theoretical accounts. `` The procedure uses a print caput that consists of additive arranged jets which spray bantam droplets of liquid liquid stuff which cool and harden on impact to organize the solid object '' .

    Advantages of Multi jet mold:

    • Cost effectual
    • Reliable
    • Good surface finish and net working capableness

    Disadvantages of Multi jet mold:

    • Materials are low in strength
    • Relatively high cost for edifice stuffs
    • Parts of support stuffs are unsmooth in surface


    Linear fabrication procedure requires different stuffs for different single application.

    Materials vary harmonizing to company and there machines. For Dental and Hearing parts the stuffs are suited such as, Perfactory- envisiontec e-shell 200- Rigid and Durable

    DMLS- Titanium and Cobalt crome 3D- Castable stuffs

    Solidscape D66+ 3D printer- Non toxic thermoplastic stuff

    Projet MP300- Visijet MP200 Dental theoretical account stuff

    Objet Eden machines- Full remedy rose and skin tone

    Application in Dental and Hearing industries:

    Hearing assistance shells

    Dental implants

    Hearing assistance shell machines

    `` LS are a free signifier fiction procedure using linear rapid fabrication engineering. The optical maser sintering engineering was developed at the University of Texas, originally licensed to DTM Corporation '' . ( Paramount, 2010 )

    Laser sintering has become the fabricating method of pick in the hearing assistance industry. This industry has to strongly necessitate to custom-make its merchandises, because the success of this procedure is to the full depend on the ability of portion to accommodate to the anatomy of the audile canal. The fabrication procedure does non depend on figure of indistinguishable or single merchandise and it ever runs with the same efficiency. The entire reinforced country of optical maser sintering system can be filled with several hundred hearing assistance shells and therefore all merchandises can bring forth in one dark. In this procedure optical maser copy the anatomy by making wax form so copied wax form scanned to make a 3D informations and apart from geometry every portion is integrate with certain designation figure so that that it can be easy identified after procedure. Laser sinter the shell and it will unite through electronic constituent. Presently this optical maser sintering engineering produces about 100000 hearing assistance shells in a twelvemonth and it can be achieved through one individual plastic optical maser sintering machine ( Stotko, 2005 )

    Bacillus: Objet 's solution is the hearing assistance industry which done all necessary trial to guarantee that that the stuffs which are developed for hearing assistance instruments are suited for the procedure every bit good as Oklahoma from medical point of position.

    Objet 's Eden machines are work on Ployjet engineering and industry hearing AIDSs with perfect coating and good quality sing more flexibleness, productiveness and less cost. The solution including three material picks for alone hearing assistance instrument like clear, rose clear, skin tone. Machines particular rosin replacing system makes it easy to alter the rosin for the peculiar merchandise. Eden machines produce merchandise with really thin 16 micrometer bed thickness which are good in all facet for hearing industry. ( Objet, 2010 )

    Degree centigrades: Prefactory enhanced the hearing assistance shell sing both cost and clip. It besides offers the perfectness for the hearing assistance industry with over several medically approved stuff to offer with assorted skin tone colourss stuffs along with ruddy, bluish, tap, tan, mocca, ecru, chocolate, brown, black, white, rose clear and crystal clear it is new launched soft stuff. It is integrated on a face home base for application get downing from single hears casts to the concluding shells. ( envisionTec, 2010 )

    Through Perfactory 30 shells are produced at every 90 proceedingss which is more than earlier procedure because of its flexibleness in bring forthing parts with easy stuff changing. '' EnvisionTEC e-Shell 200 is a liquid, photo-reactive propenoate for constructing functional parts which are tough, opaque, water- and perspiration-resistant '' , and available in several different tegument tone colourss. ( envisionTec, 2010 )

    Dental Implants: Two chief paths ;

    Investing casting from AM forms

    Direct metal parts by optical maser sintering/melting

    Investing casting:

    Several machines capable of doing forms

    The Solidscape D66+ 3D pressman produce high precised wax form from 3D CAD information. This produces waxups utilizing linear engineering which is known as bead on demand jetting. The Non toxic thermoplastic stuff through which waxups produced are to the full castable and could non go forth any residuary ashes which create job for farther procedure. The whole procedure is clear in border and spreads because of negligible shrinking of the stuff and it besides remain consistent for every tally. ( Bruce Lusting, 2010 )

    The D 66+ , which is an entryway to the new Prexacto merchandise line, is focused for bring forthing high quality wax forms for coronating and get bying and for other dental parts in little dental research labs. If it is used satisfactorily so the parts are produced at low cost with high degree of client satisfaction and it 's of import for proper digital dental medicine flow. The Solidscape Prexacto is the perfect merchandise line sing both monetary value and public presentation for dental research labs. ( CAD BLU DENTAL, 2010 )

    D66+ produced 750 units per month with low norm cost so the earlier one and it besides saves more than $ 12,000 per month over traditional methods. ( Bruce Lusting, 2010 )

    Bacillus: For dental procedure the Envisiontec perfactory Digital Dental Printer ( Perfactory DDP ) is a really good machine for bring for thing dental parts. The capableness of machine is that it can fabricate 65 anatomical wax get bying or units with good declaration of 35 micrometers in less than two hours utilizing wax based polymer system and besides it can bring forth parts with accurate spread systematically. Digital dental pressman is capable for cap, Crowns and Bridges production without fring the existent size.

    The Perfactory DDP from envision TEC is absolutely convenient for procedure where both header and metallic ceramic pressure are built on the machine at the same time. The concluding printed portion get bying produced automatically with a psilosis on a system, which was designed for the simple arrangement for direct investing casting. Assortment of stuffs is available harmonizing to demands. ( envisionTec,2010 )

    Degree centigrades: 3D production system launches its first economical Projet MP300 for both little and average dental labs. This new compact system green goods parts with the latest coevals of 3d systems patented and proprietary Multijet Modeling engineering. It gives the perfect characteristic definition at high physique velocity. Projet MP3000 produces dental portion theoretical accounts from new lasting and high contrast Visijet MP200 Dental theoretical account stuff for the application.

    The system can bring forth theoretical account with good surface coating and proper size and besides it can construct multi theoretical accounts in a individual clip. Same twenty-four hours processing helps to minimise cost and clip because it works with plaster and feeling scanner.

    Laser sintering / Melting

    This engineering is used in dental and medical industries for bring for thing little and average sized direct parts, because of complexness in parts and tooling industry has to do insert tooling straight. With a great build envelop of 250mm ten 250mm ten 185mm tallness, and besides have the ability to fabricate multiple parts at individual clip ; DMLS is the engineering which is really effectual in both cost and clip. This used in both for cost economy technique to do it simple in assembly and geometry for production maker and rapid prototyping because it minimizes the clip of development for new merchandise.


    This study highlights the usage of Additive fabrication engineering in production of hearing assistance instruments and dental implants.

    It besides concludes that how these engineerings are being used in medical industry for development and sweetening of medical parts. Particularly dental implant parts which are produced through investing casting linear fabrication procedure are more dependable, cost effectual and of import for digital dental medicine flow, nevertheless hearing assistance shells are produced through jetting procedure utilizing object machines are really thin and assortment in colours.

    Now patients are satisfied that the usage of linear fabrication engineering heightening the quality of merchandise sing all the factors, if u compare new merchandise with the earlier one so it is inexpensive and easy to utilize.

    In future as linear fabrication engineering and stuffs are keep on concentrating for development, so it will hike the medical industry in all facets.

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