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Abstract Affirmative

Abstract affirmative (AA) action is a policy that the government created for counteracting discrimination against people. This happened for the reason of presenting people the chance of gaining equal opportunities for employment education and business. Many of our formal presidents has authorized executive orders that was meant for all hiring to be free from discrimination of race, color, or national origin with all government contractors and the other specifically for associations that had accepted federal contracts and subcontracts intended to end discrimination within the workforce towards individuals where the focus was on race, color, religion, and national origin.

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Soon after affirmative action was changed to include no prejudice against ones gender.

Affirmative action consequently established preferential treatment towards all minorities and women in the hiring process and the chance to receive a higher education. affirmative action holds private employers accountable as well. during the civil rights movement affirmation action was a tool that proposed opportunities for women and minorities and to provide equality for them. there are noted changes in how colleges recruit and enroll students housing and also how using public transportation where now blacks can sit anywhere since Rosa Parks.

Since affirmative action was primarily intended on improving chances for African Americans in employment and education but there is still a low percentage of improvement that is why an executive order was signed and it required all government and private industry jobs to increase the number of women disable individuals and minorities to either receive employment or to have the ability to gain an education or have additional training for work enhancement.

There are numerous organization that uses affirmative action and equal employment opportunity policies within their business structure there is still a controversy today surrounding these issues. I researched to see if equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies mean the same thing. equal employment opportunity definition is that it bans all types of discrimination. this means that no matter the race or gender everyone has the same chance of obtaining and getting promotions and the added incentive of training as the workforce continues to grow.

But then affirmative action focus on past discrimination acts which were meant to give women, disabled individuals, and minorities an equal footing in gaining employment and a higher education. it was to create equality between the workers and employers however it has caused extra adversity in the workforce. because many believed that jobs held by whites were being jeopardized. has affirmative action been consistently and effectively used to create a more robust and productive workforce I would say yes; affirmative action has made it possible for many to see and earn their desired goals such as their life dreams.

I feel that there are still many obstacles but if one applies themselves there are no limitations. Barak Obama was our nation’s first black president and there are many who hold prominent leadership roles that which also includes women. recently in the news it was announced that the FBI for the first time in history may have a woman heading this department. though affirmative action has come a long way there are those who still discriminate and don’t offer equal chances for others to succeed.

Affirmative action has allowed the workforce to become more diverse in races genders and cultures. we must remember that the affirmative action is not about letting minorities to get into college or to get a job but it’s about giving qualified individuals no matter their race a chance that they may not get otherwise. in conclusion has affirmative action been consistently and effectively used to create a more robust and productive workforce i would say yes it has worked extremely well. I hope to see it continue because there are many more who could benefit from this program.