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A Wrinkle in Time Novel

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Madeleine L’Engle’s novel A Wrinkle in Time is about a young girl named Meg Murry, who is far from perfect.While she does come from a close, loving family, Meg has low self-esteem and a stubborn personality.As she gets caught up in the battle to save the universe from evil, Meg uses both her strengths and her weaknesses to help her.

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The novel begins by introducing Meg as a girl who has very low self-esteem.

L’Engle describes Beg making horrible faces at herself in the mirror, flashing a snarling smile of braces and messing up her mouse-brown hair. If Meg sighing loudly at her own reflection isn’t enough to convince the reader that Meg doesn’t like herself, the scene when she yells, “I hate being an oddball! ” should prove the point. Though Meg doesn’t feel good about herself, she does care deeply about her family. She worries about her missing father and eventually goes to Camazotz to save him.

While she’s tessering around the universe, Meg sees her mother crying back on Earth. Meg’s love for her mom is so strong that she reacts by getting angry, gaining more strength to use in the battle against evil. In the end, it is Meg’s love for her brother Charles Wallace that gives her the power to save him from IT. Throughout the novel, people tell Meg hat she’s too stubborn. She gets in trouble in math class because she refuses to show her work and do problems the teacher’s way.

She’s even stubborn when she’s sent to the office, and Principal Jenkins tells her to “…be less antagonistic. ” But it is this stubborn quality that keeps Meg going in the fight against the Man with Red Eyes. A less strong-willed person would have backed down from fear when faced with such an evil character. In conclusion, Meg is such an interesting character because she is not perfect. She is a stubborn girl with low self-esteem, but her love for her family helps her use her weaknesses for strength.

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