A Theme Analysis of Hope Is the Thing With Feathers, a Poem by Emily Dickinson

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Last Updated: 14 Mar 2023
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“Hope is the thing with feathers”, a poem by Emily Dickinson, portrays the theme of how there is always hope. The controlling metaphor of the poem compares hope to a bird “that perches in the soul”. Although vanquishment is practically inevitable in most peoples’ lives, the speaker of the poem explains how there is always a way to get back to the top. The first quatrain continues the metaphor and compares the presence of hope to the constant singing of the bird, expressing how the bird “sings the tune/And never stops 7 at all”. Hope does not diminish, like the wordless singing of the bird Not only does the singing of the bird not diminish but the singing becomes more apparent and louder in upsetting times. In the second stanza of the poem, the speaker explains when the bird is most often heard and when hope is most often present.

The bird sings the sweetest “in the Gale”. During harsh winds, or obstacles in life is when hope is present, leaving a reminder how it’s only an obstacle and harsh conditions will improve In order for the bird to become upset and sing loudly, however, “sore must be the storm”, meaning hope could only be destroyed in the worst conditions. The speaker explains how she has heard the bird sing on several different occasions in the third and final stanza. The circumstances don’t always have to be devastating for hope to be present. Whether “in the chilliest land’ — peaceful moments — or “on the strangest Sea" — confusing and difficult moments — hope is always available to people.

Even with all the positivity hope gives to the speaker, it never expects anything back from her, yet again showing how helpful and imperative hope is, Although short, “Hope is the thing with feathers" contains a lot of meaning that could enlighten people. Reading this poem, I am reminded that whenever feel like I‘ve hit rock bottom, I still have hope to motivate me to rise above the obstacle, Being a genuinely happy person, this poem simply marks a reminder in my head. However, for people who feel as though they are living in a rock bottom state, Dickinson’s poem can provoke optimism and make hope present that conditions will improve.

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