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A Report On NEXT PLC Clothing Product

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The study focused on the NEXT Plc clothing product, and how the organization has being able to operate its sales management amid stiff competition from the UK market and global scene. NEXT Plc through its 480 stores in UK and over 140 overseas has being able to gain great market share in the clothing industry especially in United Kingdom and European countries. NEXT with its varieties of clothing products satisfies its over 2 million active consumer worldwide.

A SWOT analysis has shown that NEXT strength lies in the quality base of its products, individual style, and touch in its production, and it has a weakness in the collection of a wider range of product to enable customer have a ‘one stop shopping’. Among the recommendations for this study it is admonished that NEXT through a re-branding of its corporate culture should engage on market development in other countries outside Europe where its presence is not well known.

Corporate Profile Of Next Plc

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NEXT Plc operates as a global organization in the clothing industry. It is one of the world leading corporations with several firms across Europe and America with its wide production and sales of clothes for stylish men and women between the age group of 20 to 40 years old. The organization history dates back to 1864 when it was founded by J. Hepworth & Son under the name of Gentleman? s Tailors. In 1981 Hepworth bought the chain of Kendalls shops to establish a new Women’s wear group of shops.

This was the birth of NEXT (Giffels, 2001). The organization also carries out the shopping and financial services. NEXT Incorporation is made up of five subsidiary firms:

1. NEXT Retail operates the high street shops;

2. NEXT Directory is the mail order division;

3. NEXT Overseas operates international retail outlets;

4. Ventura runs the financial services division and

5. Other activities include telecommunication software services and property management.

Key Market Segments For NEXT And Size Of Market NEXT Retail operates the high street shops through more than 480 stores covering the UK; and over 140 shops overseas. NEXT Directory is the mail order division, which also contains the e-commerce platform; The NEXT organization operates its headquarters in UK has plan in franchising to other countries. Currently the company has over two million active customers. The NEXT organization has build up for itself successful records of accomplishment. You may also read Next PLC SWOT Analysis

According to its website report “The continued success of NEXT's unique and innovative shopping concept has provided the company with an outstanding record of achievement in a comparatively short period” (next. co. uk 2006). The first store opened with an exclusive coordinated collection of stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories for women. Collections for men, children, and the home quickly followed. NEXT clothes are styled by the in-house design team to offer consistency of style, quality, and value for money with a contemporary fashion edge. Read about NEXT PLC Competitors

Today NEXT trades from over 480 stores in the UK, over the last few years several larger format stores have opened across the UK and, in October 2005, NEXT opened the anchor store at the Manchester Arndale Centre with a store in excess of 80,000 square feet. ” NEXT PLC employs over 28,000 people and operates 330 stores in the United Kingdom. Hence the company has assumed the state of a major High Street retailer in the United Kingdom, with extra offers for home shopping and financial services. Furthermore, NEXT acquired Lipsy Ltd in October 2, 2008 (NEXT 2009).

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