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A Reflection Paper on Gintong Pamana

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The evidences that will prove that Filipinos have a rich culture in pre-colonial period are the gold Jewelries and their technology. Firstly, Gold is a precious metal that surpasses all ores in the world. It is the most expensive to the point people search for it, fight for it, and even kill for it. But that wasn't the case in pre-colonial period. All classes?the nobles, freemen and the two types of slaves (lapping Mahayana and lapping salesgirl)?wore gold Jewelries.

There are many uses of gold back then, but hey were Just an ornament on their bodies, utensils, decorations, orifice ornaments for the deceased when they laid to rest, and more. Lastly, their manual technology on how they molded the gold. In the video, seeing the belts, figurines and the stunning over the shoulder "halter" weighing four kilos of pure gold made me gasp and deeply think. "Just how on earth they made those ornaments? " I thought. They made it manually and with the only help of a crucible to melt the gold and so they were able to produce works that are superior.

The film definitely challenged my assumptions. I assumed that the Filipinos have poor culture because they don't have the modern technology but I was completely wrong. The folks who inhabited the islands nearly a millennium ago were already so advanced In their craftsmanship which was also true at different points of our history in the beautiful textiles, baskets, embroideries, etc. Watching the video made me realize that I do not such grand material heritage In my house but I do have the heritage of knowledge and values.

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I already gained It at the time I had my consciousness. I believe that I can preserve them by passing It down to future generations. At least for me, knowledge and values are the most Important heritage because It teaches you moral lessons and It can lead you too better life. We Filipinos are always searching for our Identity. People are complaining that we are not pure or natives, uncivilized and messiest but at the time when we see the Surreal treasures, we realize that Is already the core, which Is who we are.

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