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A fish in a pond

A fish in a pond is a prime example of an organism living in an ecosystem.  There are multiple biological and non-biological interactions occurring in a pond.

The fish may interact with its own fish variety, with other fish species, with other vertebrates, non-vertebrates, plants and microorganisms.

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  In addition, the fish may also interact with its environment—the water, the fish bottom, the rocks and sand.  The fish’s well-being is affected by the amount of dissolved oxygen, the water temperature, salinity and amount of sunlight.

Any imbalance or perturbation may affect the health of the fish.  The fish’s ecosystem is very similar to an individual who belongs to an organization.  That individual intermingles with other members of the group, at the same time interacts with the immediate environment of the organization, be it an office cubicle, the entire workplace or the whole building complex.

The member’s state of well-being is also influenced by the conditions of the place, such as the temperature, lighting, humidity, office furniture/amenities and space allotments.  Poor ventilation and substandard lighting in the workplace may affect the efficiency of the member of the organization.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in being a big fish in a little pond and a little fish in a big pond.  It is good to be a big fish in a little pond because the big fish will have a greater opportunity to survive in the little pond because it can eat the little fishes in the pond, as well as ingest most of the good seaweed in the area.  For a top-rank authority member of a small organization, this individual will receive most of the recognition given for the achievements the organization has made.

That member will also receive a higher salary than the rest of the regular members of the organization because he is known to have the best qualities and capabilities in the organization.  Just like a big fish in a little pond that has his own space or territory, the top-rank member of the organization has a spacious office in the building with matching fine quality furniture and other amenities in his office space.  Unfortunately, the big fish in the little is also the first fish that is usually caught by fishermen because its big size makes it very visible for capture.

The same thing happens with the top-rank member of an organization, he is the first person to be blamed once a problem or financial crisis arises in the organization.  The top-rank member is an easy sight because he represents the organization in almost every event or interaction with the rest of the business world.