A Discussion of the Insights and Regrets by Authors Johnathan Safar Foer, Annie Dillard and George Orwell

Last Updated: 25 Apr 2023
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In the article “Living Like Weasels” by Annie Dillard, she has many insights when meeting a weasel at Hollins Pond or Murray’s Pond, When the weasel, who at Hollins Phond, meets eyes to eyes with her, she felt that the weasel enters her brain and she enters his brain for sixty seconds. She wonders can the weasel has the ability to think and what is in his mind during that sixty seconds. She learn that the weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice. People chooses to become chastity, obedience, poverty, and silence Whereas, the weasel doesn‘t attack other animals for the joy of killing but the necessity to survive, and they will hold onto their food/prey until death People needs to choose a path/goal and never let it goes even until death like the weasel. Dog: In the article “Let Them Eat Dog” by Jonathan Safran Foer, he has many insights in his article.

He learns that dog meat has been described as gamey, complex, buttery, and floral. They are also consider medicine in China and Korea, In the name of equality between other animals, he mention that dogs and other animals have been treated special then other animal. For example, in French, who love their dogs, sometime eat their horses In addition, dog has the same significant mental capacities as chicken, cow, and pig, but it is a taboo to eat dogs in America. He also mention that we could solve the world hungry issues if we let go of animals that we consider them as the pedestal or taboo to be eaten.

For example, in America, dogs are consider taboo to eat, but there are many people that are starving every day We have been killing dogs in pound and throwing them away because no one want to adopt them. In the article “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, he has many insights and many regrets in his article. George Orwell first insights was occupying in lower Burma as a policeman He realized that the Burman hates him and the British for controlling their country. He hated imperialism so much that he wanted to quit the British Army Second insights was when he shot an elephant three times in the head and two times in the heart hoping to kill him quickly, but he realized that the elephant die a lot longer about haft an hour.

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He regretted killing a harmless elephant in Burma, He had no intention of killing the harmless elephant, but he was pressure by the Burmans people to kill the elephant because he was the authority who holds the rifle in his hands. He realized the peoples in Burma wants the elephant dead because the elephant was a supple of free meat for them. Also, the elephant worth more alive than dead, and he destroyed the elephant owner ways of life.

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