Alien Invasion: Evidence and Strange Occurrences on Earth

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It was 9 o'clock in the morning when I heard the news that Aliens were going to invade our planet. As unlikely, as this sounded, I knew it to be true the moment I heard it. I had already seen the evidence. Please excuse me; I guess I am rushing ahead a bit. It would probably be better if I started from the beginning.

It started 10 months ago when I was working at the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. I was a scientific researcher at the base; and a specialist in radar research. Some of my colleagues had been getting weird results from their observations and I had been asked to double check the validity of their findings.

These weren't the only weird happenings either. Scientist from different parts of the planet researching both climate and animal behaviors were also reporting a wide variety of anomalous data.

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The climate was changing, there were resent reports that a tornado struck the south-east of England. That wasn't the only weird occurrence in weather that had happened; a few weeks later there was another report that a snowstorm had hit West Africa.

Alongside all of this there had been rumors of country leaders having meetings discussing the strange events that had been happening.

Occurrences after occurrence still leaders around the world were making up lies and excuses, over 100 nuclear power plant had been struck by lightning and earthquakes spontaneously.

Haunted by all of these occurrences and happenings, I found it hard to sleep. Even when I could sleep, I was disturbed by weird recurring nightmares. Still, my research work was proving to be equally unsettling. No matter what test I performed, I could find no data that would allow me to dismiss the results drived by my Colleagues.

As these findings indicated many anomalous objects were present in near-near Earth orbit. I found myself called in to the office of observation director himself, and as I looked through the images that the Hubble telescope was giving me I noticed weird looking objects that were hovering Earth orbit, by the time I could show the images to my head director we were quickly stopped and ordered to leave the premises. While I tried to go back to get the images as prove I was immediately stop and guided outside of the building.

After that incident I was sent home, I had a conversation with my head director telling me that the workplace was being closed for illegal experimenting. The government closed Jodrell bank Telescope and announced that we had secret bases.

I worked there for 13 years and had never encountered any secret bases were experiments were performed. Why did the government really close my workplace?

Day after day I started to realize that my colleagues were rapidly but slowly losing contact. Until one morning when I was mysteriously called by one of my colleagues to watch a broadcast acknowledging the existence of other life forms and their invasion of our planet.

While listening to the event, I suddenly thought ''why has the news turned black? ''I thought that they were having technical difficulties so I changed to the next channel and when I did it turned out the same as the channel before. The whole screen just plain black while. At the same time, I was confused, a bright light made me cover my eyes, and a shape appeared with the way it spoke. I knew it to be a face but it wasn't a recognizable face and one that I have never encountered. The shape and figure of the life form was unforgettable. It breathed softly and spoke gently. I understood: "People of earth, we are concerned that your world leaders have been dishonest and created your worst nightmares, bringing destruction and violence upon you. I will give you your last choice of renewing and establishing the disturbance you have caused.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing; we were so loud that we caused concern upon our cosmic neighbors. They had taken us as threat to the galaxy. This is one big step for human beings.

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