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4 Enterprise Apps to Help You Build a Stellar Mobile Strategy

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We live in a technology-driven world, where mobile devices are an essential part of our lives. In the p of just one year (2015-16) the App Store and Play Store recorded , proving the fact that we are getting increasingly dependent on apps.


It comes as no surprise, then, that enterprises are for their businesses in order to connect better to their target audiences, improve their bottom line and enhance their productivity. Speaking of that, a found that enterprise apps fueled mobile strategies for several firms.

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An outstanding mobile strategy involves choosing an app that helps companies reach their goals, streamline their workflow, collaborate easily and securely handle communication and data sharing. Here are some of the top enterprise apps to help you achieve a stellar mobile strategy.

Susie by Zuznow

One of the best technologies we have seen in the recent past is the introduction of virtual assistants like and . Without a doubt, these make our lives easier, especially when we are on the fly and could do with some assistance.

Similarly, enterprises can do with some help from speech-recognition software. They can leverage the potential of virtual assistants to solve complexities, enhance efficiencies, reduce operational costs and increase customer engagement. The only drawback they might face is high costs and limited resources, which are required to develop an AI-based software.

Enter . This integrated Siri-like plugin for enterprises, developed by AI-based mobile app development platform Zuznow, can be used to create a conversational user interface (UI) for any enterprise mobile app within a few hours. The tool is easy to use, incredibly useful and easily adopted by any enterprise without the need for specialized resources or skills.

It's also a great add-on for enterprises that want to give an extra edge to their existing mobile app and, therefore, enhance their customer-engagements. 


Need remote access to internal networks and security assurance? Turn to , which simplifies the process of setting up a virtual private network (VPN) for free.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app connects you to an independent network that enables you to securely browse the internet, with privacy from hackers, ISPs etc. Even when you are browsing by using wifi hotspots, you can be assured that the data will be encrypted. Also, TunnelBear offers super speedy connections in more than 20-plus countries, so speed issues are nil.

The best thing about this app is that businesses can scale it according to their requirements. And that’s not all. The app also offers 500 MB of free data every month to users, which is a great incentive!



Creating customized schedules for the entire workforce becomes simplified with .

This new app on the block is helpful for seamlessly handling a number of schedules at a time. Enterprises can use it to:

  • Create unlimited, customized groups or “crews” and invite people to join.
  • Create custom events, tasks, contacts and locations.
  • Use it without any distracting texts, calls or emails.
  • Get alerts and status updates for each event.
  • Keep calendars private and allow contacts access only to specific events to which they are invited.

Apart from all these features, the app offers the biometric/touch ID login option to keep all the information private and safe. It is still the early days for Moiety, but the app can be counted on to add some exceptional features in the future.


Enterprises have been using Google’s cloud-based services and apps for a long time now. So, it’d be a tad bit unfair to the search engine giant to exclude from this list.

A part of Google’s efforts, G Suite includes apps that meet a major chunk of your enterprise needs. Divided into four major sections, these are:

  • Communication -- Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+
  • Storage -- Google Drive
  • Collaboration -- docs, forms, slides, sheets, sites
  • Management -- Admin, Vault

In essence, G Suite is an apt choice for .  The free-trial period of 30 days (no software download or credit card usage) makes it a must-try for all enterprises, large and small.


4 Enterprise Apps to Help You Build a Stellar Mobile Strategy essay

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